Can architecture promote art and construction culture?


The new CULTURES residential building constructed by EPIKYKLOS, in an architectural study by A2 Architects, aims to promote art and culture in the city. Architecture and construction interact with art, complement and reinforce each other, aiming for a positive effect on the individual. Contemporary works of art have been harmoniously integrated into the common used areas and inside the residences, giving a special identity to the building while having a beneficial effect on the psychology of the residents.

But who is the person who has overseen the works that adorn the new CULTURES apartment building? What is the goal of this new venture in housing construction? How does each project individually and all of them as a whole affect the residents’ daily life and what are the benefits they can gain from?


The internationally renowned architect, visual artist and president of the European Centre of Architecture, Art & Design, Ioannis Karalias, analyzes how art can influence people’s psychology, developing positive emotions, offering them quality, lifting their spirit and ensuring well-being in their everyday life. He himself is the exponent of art in the CULTURES apartment building and curates the works that adorn the building and its residences.

Mr. Karalias, how do architecture and art come together in an apartment building?


Since the beginning of time, these two elements have coexisted in the history of art and architecture. Today we simply continue to strengthen that relationship by discovering new methods, in spaces where we live our everyday moments. One such space is the CULTURES apartment building by EPIKYKLOS, in which building and art coexist in harmony with each other. The quiet geometric form of the building welcomes art, evoking positive elements.

What is art for the resident in his daily life?


Art is not just a visual impression. It interacts with man and his psychology. It complements and upgrades the different scenarios of everyday life.

Art hides many meanings, it leaves you the freedom to see whatever you want, to interpret what you see in your own way, depending on the mood of the given moment. Just one glance is enough to free you from the situation of the moment.

What kinds of works of art adorn the CULTURES apartment building and how have they been integrated into the spaces?


The series of works selected for the Cultures apartment building has nature as its main theme. We wanted this particular collection of works to be a trigger for thought and discourse for the residents, but also a spiritual respite.

The presence of art in the CULTURES building can be witnessed from the exterior to the interior, from the common areas to each separate residence. From the moment you enter the building, you feel the magic of art wanting to tell you something. As you browse through the public spaces and residences, you feel as if you are taking a small journey into art.

Then, each apartment has its own artwork and concept. The correspondence of the projects with each apartment also has its own philosophy. We start from the lower floors with works that send you on a journey and are the first food for thought, and as we work our way up, we utilize works that lead man to the next stage, that of liberation and wealth.

What are the benefits for the person who lives in the CULTURES apartment building??


Art speaks to the soul in the most authentic way. It can be a conversation starter of people coming closer. Art has the power to speak to everyone in a different way. Each person sees different elements, feels different emotions and this in itself gives the stimulus for further analysis of thought and dialogue between the inhabitants. It’s a nice way to bring people together.

On the other hand, the person who lives in the space and observes the art every day, practices thinking and mind analysis. Through the balance of harmony and vitality, calmness and chaos offered by the paintings, it leads to purification, personal well-being and finally, spiritual upliftment.

Ultimately, art may not be able to solve people’s problems, but it can have a positive effect on their psychology, leading to liberation.

Through the construction of the new CULTURES building in Alimos, EPIKYKLOS aspires to transmit its culture and vision for the promotion of culture, while offering quality accommodation to its tenants.

Each residence in the Cultures apartment building has its own work of art and each painting has its own narrative. It has its own story to tell, which is a source of inspiration for all the residents and for each one individually…


“Art may not be able to solve people’s problems, but it can have a positive effect on psychology, leading to liberation. In the new CULTURES apartment building by EPIKYKLOS, art is a trigger for thought and dialogue for the residents, but also a spiritual respite” – Ioannis Karalias

Apartments and maisonettes are available for sale in the CULTURES residential building.
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