Acquire your new and safe home from the coziness of your sofa.


Revamp your house safely online
in an easy,cost-effective and sophisticated way.

With us, the renovation process is easier and safer than ever. Our new system is based on the EPIKYKLOS planning and methodology to provide an optimal solution, at a time when movement and meetings are restricted. This also includes our Online Project Monitoring System application, which has been successfully providing efficient construction-site control to our clients for years.

5 simple and safe steps are between you and your dream house!

1 Contact
2 Inspection
3 Architectural
4 Selection
of materials
5 Project

1. Contact us by phone or online and receive information from our experienced partners.

Call us or send us an email and tell us a few things about your property and the scale of the renovation you are planning. Our experienced staff will complete a comprehensive questionnaire with you, through which we will then be able to assess the project and deliver exactly what you need.

2.On-site inspection by our engineers without you being present.

An EPIKYKLOS engineer will inspect your space taking all necessary hygiene precautions. Your presence is not required at this stage. After registering your property’s condition in detail, our engineer will list all technical works necessary for you to acquire a new, safe home. Then, you will receive an extensive technical and financial online report within 7 days, with a detailed list of our recommended works for your project.

3. Architectural design, done remotely via online communication.

Experienced in-house architects will design your new property, and will be keeping you updated through online briefings. We exchange all information through video-calls and online messaging, until we agree on the best solution for your space

4. Online material selection and sample delivery to your space

Thanks to an extensive network of partners, our architects can propose a broad range of materials by established brands that will satisfy your taste. All necessary information will be sent to you online, with photos and detailed specification descriptions. Material samples will also be sent to you, in order to have a clear and precise overview of your choices.

5. Project monitoring of every stage of the process through our online platform

As soon as the construction process begins, you will be able to follow the evolution of the project online through the dedicated EPIKYKLOS app, which has been successfully used to manage our projects in recent years. You will be provided with a unique PIN number, which you can then use on your smartphone to access a detailed project calendar, updated daily. The application also enables the sharing of photos, videos and notes, so that the supervising engineer can share live updates with you, without you having to leave the safety of your home.

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