The Buildings of the Future

With our eyes turned
to man, society
and the environment.

At EPIKYKLOS we design and construct buildings under the light of a holistic vision for our city, clearly reflecting our expectations for the urban reality of the future.
Our pursuit is to make our world better, and for that reason we are redefining the way with which we design and construct our new buildings.

We are leading developments
in the construction sector

With our expertise and experience,
we construct buildings that offer
guaranteed safety and durability over time.

All our buildings feature:

  • Advanced waterproof concrete composition, which ensures durability and longevity of the building structure for years to come
  • Thermal façade covering the entire building shell, for zero heat loss
  • Floor heating
  • Energy-efficient windows with a low index U
  • Α+++ air conditioning
  • Electric vehicle charging outlet for every property
  • Certified eco-friendly materials from factories running on renewable energy

We construct buildings
of high energy efficiency

  • We provide free, certified green electricity, prepaid for 20 years
  • We construct buildings and residences exclusively within A+ and A++ energy classes

Fully respecting the unconditional gift of earth and nature, we construct and deliver energy-sufficient buildings that use certified green electricity, provided for free for 20 years.

High-quality architecture and design
& superior construction that create
an ideal relationship between man and space

  • Design based on the interaction between man and space
  • Use of new technologies for digital design and representation
  • Buildings that are in harmony with their environment

Having thoroughly studied the way man and space interact, we design buildings that optimize the relationship between the environment, humans and their living space.

We design with sensibility, always guided by the specific characteristics of each place and time. We create buildings that integrate harmoniously with the built environment.

We create spaces that offer
a total experience
and promote quality of life

  • Fully furnished, in collaboration with some of the leading brands in the market
  • Fully equipped with electrical appliances
  • Fully installed with architectural and decorative lighting

In collaboration with some of the most established brands, we deliver your new residence fully equipped, aiming for the improvement of your daily living experience and your personal wellbeing.

We offer spaces with a 10-year warranty, insurance, privileges and funding — all with the 10-10-10 initiative by EPIKYKLOS

  • 10-year “Premium” warranty package
  • 10-year insurance policy covering theft, fire and extreme weather events
  • Funding on preferential terms
  • Premium Member Card with unique privileges

With you always at the heart of our every service, we demonstrate with our actions our consistency, our trustworthiness and the quality of our work. Every residence comes with a Premium Member Card, which is your ticket for a ten-year journey of amenities, privileges and services by EPIKYKLOS.

We redefine ownership
and create spaces
that adapt to the user’s needs

Through comprehensive research by our scientific team —
comprised of engineers, notaries and lawyers
–we have created a legal framework that redefines
the term “property”, transforming the owner into
an investor-user. With an advanced notarial composition,
we manage space and its use offering added value
and versatility to the building, both valuable assets
in an ever-changing world.