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    1, Kalymnou & Patmou
    174 56, Alimos, Athens
    1-3 Bedrooms
    Private pool
    20m²-124m² (balconies)
    Basement & Open ground floor parking areas

    “Cultures” is a new residential building in Alimos, offering apartments that feature works of art.

    It represents the ideal combination of a remarkable architectural design and an exceptional construction approach.

    At Cultures interior design is based on pieces of art, premium brands, materials and textures, resulting in spaces elevating everyday life quality to higher levels.


    High-end architecture by award winning A2 Architects

    The Cultures Residential Apartments is developed on a rocky, triangular land area.

    Cultures “borrows” from the main polygonal rocky outcrop, adapts to the triangular plot with an array of vistas, is in play with the colouration of the sky and the neighbouring sea and proposes a building of distinct architecture and aesthetics.

    Interior Design

    Elegant artistic combinations of earthy colours & natural materials

    Earthy tones and natural materials offer serenity and peacefulness in the day-to-day living, while in coordination with the various pieces of dynamic works of art, the result produced gives each residence its own special character.

    The modern apartments of Cultures are highlighted by their slimline features, modern construction materials and individually selected pieces of furniture, combining aesthetics with functionality. Special emphasis has been given to lighting, producing an atmospheric result in every room.

    Lastly, through the choice of blue both on the exterior of the building and on smaller interior surfaces of the apartments, the building is in harmony with the sea and the Attica sky.


    Works of art that promote culture & impact on the spiritual well-being of the residents

    Cultures aims to promote art and culture within the city.

    Contemporary works of art by the world-renowned visual artist and architect Ioannis Karalias have been discreetly incorporated in both communal areas and private living spaces, giving the building its own unique identity. At the same time, they have a conducive effect on the psychology of the residents, stimulating positive emotions and offering them quality, spiritual exaltation and well-being in their daily lives.

    Through its construction projects, EPIKYKLOS aims to convey their vision and to promote culture, while offering quality residency and well-being to the occupants.

    In the Cultures apartment building each residence features its own work of art, created by the world-renowned visual artist and architect Ioannis Karalias. Each painting has its own narrative, its own story to tell, acting as source of inspiration for all residents and for each one individually…


    Providing added value

    High quality construction

    With our eyes turned to man, society and the environment, we are redefining the way with which we design and construct our new buildings.

    Our expertise and experience lead us to construct buildings that offer guaranteed safety and durability over time. The advanced waterproof concrete composition and the structural design of unique specifications, ensure durability and longevity of the building structure for years to come.

    Cultures is a project designed to offer its residents a new, unique experience, not only in respect of construction quality that ensures perpetuity and safety, but also in terms of energy management via sustainable development and a minimal ecological footprint.

    Energy efficient construction, energy class A++

    Cultures thrives as a sustainable entity, reflecting Epikyklos’ philosophy and vision for creating a greener world.

    An energy-efficient building, such as Cultures, contributes towards healthier living environments and ecosystems, especially as a part of an urban housing ecosystem,  simultaneously minimising costs and increasing the lifetime value of the entity and its assets.

    At the same time, this development approach takes in mind the holistic view of the quality of real estate.

    We provide:

    • Buildings and houses exclusively of energy classes A++
    • Hybrid photovoltaic – solar panels for supply of electricity and hot water
    • Advanced waterproof structural frame
    • Advanced low energy consumption air conditioning and ventilation systems.

    The Benefits

    Cultures residences are a harmonious combination of elegance and premium quality amenities.

    Collaborating with the most premium brands, we have created fully-equipped spaces, providing a holistic experience.

    Warranty, privileges & access to ten-year funding programs via the EPIKYKLOS’ 10-10-10 program

    With you at the heart of our services we take extra care to demonstrate the consistency, reliability and quality of our projects. Every residence comes with a Premium Membership Card, which is your ticket for a 10-year journey of amenities, privileges and services by EPIKYKLOS.

    Fully equipped space

    In collaboration with the most established brands in the market of electrical appliances, we deliver your home fully equipped, aiming to improve your everyday living experience and your personal well-being.

    CULTURES Residences are available including a whole host of unique amenities and privileges:


    • Advanced waterproof structure and shell
    • Structural design of unique specifications
    • Smart home: smart management of basic home functions
    • Advanced building regulation that redefines property definition


    • Building: Energy class A++
      Residence: Energy class A++
    • Private electric vehicle charger per parking lot
    • Hybrid panels for the simultaneous production of domestic hot water and electricity
    • Natural Gas underfloor heating system
    • Energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation system
    • Boiler


    • Certified eco-friendly materials from European manufacturers operating on renewable energy sources
    • High quality kitchens of awarded italian designers
    • Bathroom tiles of superior design and aesthetic value, sanitary wares and taps, from the most well-known European manufacturers
    • Special design and high-quality cabinetry in the closets
    • Flooring from high quality large granite tiles from certified European factories
    • Fire-resistant, security, entrance door with access codes
    • Architectural and decorative LED lighting


    • Entrance to the complex with an advanced recording system and use of unique automatic lock security codes
    • Video surveillance system with security cameras in public areas and around the perimeter of the building - CCTV
    • Complete alarm system in every residence


    Interior layout and design can be adjusted to specific needs in case of purchasing the residence during the construction and before the completion of the structural frame.

    We redefine the way we design and construct our new buildings.


    With Cultures Residential Apartments, the EPIKYKLOS team of engineers aims to create the ideal man – living space relationship through high level architectural design, combining a unique construction approach and exquisite, sophisticated interior spaces, offering their future owners a holistic, premium experience.


    Real estate development: IKL

    Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company

    Architectural design: A2 Architects

    Structural design: A&K Associate Engineers

    MEP engineering: 2 LAMDA energy

    Photorealistic renderings: George Katsougkris

    Completion date: Autumn 2024
    ** All images are for illustration purposes only. Actual spaces may differ due to design variations among apartments.

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