Simplifying a complex process for optimum results

EPIKYKLOS has its eyes fixed on the future and innovates constantly.

We strive to offer our clients unique services. The pursuit of constant evolution, the innovative use of cutting-edge technology and the will to place creativity at the service of humanity and its needs, keep us at the forefront.

At EPIKYKLOS, architecture, social anthropology and the science of psychoanalysis fuse in an organic way; these disciplines are deployed through sessions with our specialized scientific collaborator to create a sophisticated residence that satisfies your deeper, personal and subconscious wishes.

EPIKYKLOS leads the pack with its Online Project Monitoring System. This is a unique platform that gives our clients the opportunity to be present throughout the project’s development.

Follow the simple and clear steps of the EPIKYKLOS process and you will successfully realize your dream.



We are close to you in every way.
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Space and need mapping

A qualified engineer comes to your place to discuss the possibilities of using the space.

First cost estimation

We provide you with a detailed offer where all the work with the required standards is captured to give you a real, realistic proposal of the project.

Assignment to an architect and design phase

Experienced architect studies your needs and provides you with a detailed and well-designed design of your space depicted in drawings, photorealistic representations and three-dimensional designs of the project.

Selection of materials

Through our rich network of partners we provide you with a wide range of materials selection for all your needs and for your every wish.

Final cost estimation

You get your final offer for your project.
We provide you with specific guides for the products selected, a detailed description of the materials to be used and a detailed price breakdown for each item.

Project assignment

You give us the order to assign the project and proceed with the necessary licensing procedures.

Construction with a foreman and online project monitoring

The implementation of the project begins under the supervision of a foreman - engineer. At the same time, we give you access to the Online Project Tracking System wherever you are.

Online project tracking system wherever you are

The technical company EPIKYKLOS innovates and stands out once again with its unique Online Project Monitoring System.
With an emphasis on transparency and with the aim of creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the construction and refurbishment of spaces, we have created a unique tool at the service of our customers.

Project delivery

The Project Receipt Protocol is audited, certified and signed
with automatic activation of the project warranty.

Your life changes!

The company EPIKYKLOS is proud to be a part of your new life.