Online Project
Monitoring System

An organized project monitoring process
From wherever you are

A unique application at your disposal!

We are changing the experience of refurbishing and manufacturing with the triptych: organization, transparency and interaction

EPIKYKLOS has the most important means of organizing, supervising and managing all stages of construction or renovation and changing the world for the better.
We give you access to a revolutionary and valuable means. We are radically remodeling the experience in the construction industry not only for the architect, engineer, foreman, but also for the owner, offering organization, transparency and interaction towards everyone at every step.


We have created a unique platform that works in real time and
– serves the efficient organization of a project or a construction site in a simple, easy to use and fast way. Through the application, the professional relationship between the architect, the engineer, the foreman and the owner is updated, while maintaining a complete record of all stages of the implementation of a project.

– ensures complete transparency in the development of the project work by establishing strong business relationships between all participating partners.

– It offers the owner a creative interaction with the work from anywhere on earth, as he participates himself in the information. Architect, engineer, foreman and owner are all experiencing the development of the project, enhancing the common goal of perfect implementation easily, quickly and qualitatively.

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