At the Technical Construction Company, we guarantee the quality and duration of the project

The entire project is covered by a written guarantee for the quality and the result of our work, depending on the work of your choice and is valid from the delivery of the project and the final repayment.

More specifically, work according to their type is covered by the following guarantees:

● Electrical installations: 10 year warranty
● Plumbing: 10 years warranty
● Investments: 10-year warranty
● Kitchen: 10-year guarantee
● Construction work: 5 year warranty
● External frames: 5 year warranty
● Interior frames: 5 year warranty
● Armoured entrance: 5 year warranty
● Cabinets: 5 year warranty
● Sanitary ware: 2 year warranty
● Colours: 2 year warranty

Our basic principle is that each one of us is unique and the same may be his own requirements. We are ready to discuss how the services of the EPIKYKLOS will be tailored to your needs.

Live the EPIKYKLOS experience