We guarantee the quality and longevity of each project

The entire project is covered by a written warranty that certifies the quality and the results of our work, for 2 years and is valid as soon as the project is complete and paid in full.

In addition, we offer the possibility of upgrading the warranty from the “Basic” package, which is valid for 2 years, to the “Premium” package, which covers the project for 10 years. By purchasing the upgraded warranty at a preferential price, you can feel completely secure of the construction’s high quality, while at the same time, having the peace of mind about any future wear and tear.

Works are covered by warranty:

● Electrical installation
● Plumbing installation
● Investments
● Kitchen
● Construction work
● External frames
● Interior frames
● Armored entrance
● Cabinetry
● Sanitary ware
● Paints

Our goal is to create the conditions for you and your family to feel safe for the next 10 years, enjoying peace and quiet in your new home!

You can learn more about the Premium warranty and the 10-10-10 initiative on LINK or contact us at +30 210 5069099.

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