At EPIKYKLOS we guarantee the quality and longevity of each project

The entire project is covered by a written warranty that certifies the quality and the results of our work — depending on the services you have selected — and is valid as soon as the project is complete and paid in full.

More specifically, according to their type, works are covered by the following warranties:

● Electrical installation: 10 year warranty
● Plumbing installation: 10 year warranty
● Investments: 10 year warranty
● Kitchen: 10 year warranty
● Construction work: 5 year warranty
● External frames: 5 year warranty
● Interior frames: 5 year warranty
● Armored entrance: 5 year warranty
● Cabinetry: 5 year warranty
● Sanitary ware: 2 yeas warranty
● Paints: 2 year warranty

Our principle is that each person is unique, and as such, each person’s demands can be different. We are ready to discuss how EPIKYKLOS services can adjust to your needs.

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