EPIKYKLOS at the TOP 100 Global Real Estate Developers of the World 2023

The year comes to a close with a highly honorable distinction for our company, with EPIKYKLOS being included in the TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers worldwide.

Out of a long list, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards have selected this year’s TOP 100 leaders in the Real Estate & Development industry. The list features the most reliable representatives of the industry from all around the globe, who have gained the trust of clients & investors as well as the acknowledgement of experts through their lasting achievements.

The key features that are taken into account are innovation, safety, sustainability, and amenities, in addition to reputation, reliability, excellence and uniqueness, all of which constitute our core principles and have therefore granted us worldwide recognition.

Journey towards excellence

EPIKYKLOS was founded 15 years ago with a vision of a more beautiful world. The company’s commitment to excellence in construction and design has led it on a steady rising path, culminating in its recent inclusion among the world’s leading real estate developers. This acknowledgement represents not just a reward for past achievements, but also a continued dedication to shaping the future of real estate.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and to the reduction of our environmental footprint, through the adoption of environmentally friendly construction practices, the application of state-of-the-art technologies and materials, and the provision of free green electricity for 20 years to the properties we build, is aligned with the growing global awareness of the sustainability concept, putting EPIKYKLOS at a leading position in responsible real estate development.

The innovative 10-10-10 program of EPIKYKLOS sets new standards in the construction and real estate industry, offering a 10-year warranty, insurance and a range of privileges and benefits.

Iconic structures such as Vital Blue in Glyfada testify to our firm’s commitment to architectural excellence and our meticulous attention to detail. Each of our projects redefines aesthetics and construction, but above all we make sure it contributes to the local and global real estate markets, leaving a significant, positive mark.

In an era where real estate construction and development is the dynamic reflection of our vision for a better world, the global recognition of EPIKYKLOS for this year as one of the TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers of the World in 2023, by Luxury Lifestyle Awards, is yet another testimony to the position we have established, redefining the concept of residence as a whole.


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