Exclusive Renovation

Exquisite residences for unique people

At EPIKYKLOS, we create fine residences that reflect your wonderful life journey. Award-winning designers and specialized engineers embrace your residence and provide unmatched results of incomparable quality and refined aesthetics, unique just like you. We develop exclusive residences constructed to encompass your most beautiful and boldest dreams. Extraordinary design, exclusive and original materials give added value to your property and upgrade your residence.

True to its pioneering spirit, EPIKYKLOS offers its clients a new, unique and innovative service. The ‘Self-reflection and habitation’ service includes sessions with Myrto Kiourtis, an architect with a PhD from the NTUA specializing in the psychology of habitation. The sessions aim to explore and expose your personal value system, as well as your deeper and subconscious wishes regarding habitation, which will then lead to the custom design of your space.

At EPIKYKLOS we approach services in a holistic way, collaborating with the most renowned professionals in the field and with absolute discretion and respect to the privacy of your space. We guarantee excellent and unique results that reflect your individuality, the particularity of your desires, and give you the opportunity to live the life you always wanted.


Simplifying a complex process for optimum results

We implement the specialized EPIKYKLOS methodology for optimum results, making construction and renovation an easy and pleasant process. We guarantee each project’s delivery time, plus competitive prices, following your wishes and within your chosen budget.

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