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Eclectic residencies for unique people

At EPIKYKLOS we create eclectic residencies that reflect the wonderful journey of our life. Awarder researchers and specialised engineers embrace your residency and offer you incomparable results of quality and eclectic aesthetics, as unique as you. We create luxury residencies built to embrace your most beautiful and bold dreams. Special design, luxurious and unique materials give an added value to your estate and upgrade your residence.

The EPIKYKLOS remains a pioneer and provides its customers with a new, unique and original service. This new service, “Self-reflection and habitation”, includes sessions with Myrto Kiourtis, architect and doctor of the NTUA, specializing in residential psychology. The sessions are designed to seek out and highlight your value system, as well as your deeper and unconscious wishes in terms of habitation issues, which will then guide the separate design of your own space.

In Architecture, Social Anthropology and the Science of Psychoanalysis, the Architecture, Social Anthropology and the Science of Psychoanalysis are uniquely combined and utilized through expert seniors’ service sessions in order to create a separate home that will serve your personal deeper and unconscious desires.


service approach

Our company applies the unique EPIKYKLOS methodology for the best and correct result. Construction and renovation are now becoming a pleasant and easy process. We guarantee you the on-time delivery of the project with the best price, satisfying your own wishes within the financial framework of your choice.
You are only 10 steps away from the space of your dreams.


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