Complete restoration of a detached house on Filopappou Hill

An addition was made to the existing property in the early 1970s, setting the final surface at 120 sq.m. and creating an additional semi-underground space of 20 sq.m.

The recent renovation was done in order for the property to accommodate the needs of a modern family of three. It was a complex project of high difficulty, as the only elements that were preserved were the structural parts and the surrounding external walls. All the internal walls and floors were removed, while some interventions were made on the facade, mainly towards the inner courtyard.

The new layout of the premises has no resemblance to the previous one. The kitchen was placed in a new position in the single enlarged space of the entrance and living room and in direct contact with the yard. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet in the semi-basement area of the property. The remainder of the semi-basement is now an independent office room with its own entrance from the street. An extra bedroom and the family’s shared bathroom complete the set of spaces of the floor plan.

The ground floor yard offers direct access to the roof via a characteristic yellow metal staircase. The ¨large patio¨ on the upper floor has a view towards the hill of Filopappos, while a large pavilion for shading and protection from the weather and a new fence for additional privacy were built in the area.

Finally, great emphasis was placed on the energy insulation of the external walls and the roof, with the simultaneous re-installation of all plumbing and electrical infrastructure, in order to achieve a modern, energy-efficient building.

Observing the property today, it is difficult to imagine the layout is used to have and recall its previous state. Every limitation and every technical difficulty we came across was successfully dealt with, as they posed as elements for inspiration in the process of the architectural design.

Architectural study: Anastasis Bachas
Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company
Project management & supervision: George Paparizos
Photos: Nikos Papageorgiou, i-moments