Οur Values

The ethos that guides everything we do

At EPIKYKLOS we treat both our customers and our partners with fairness, transparency, and trust. Every single collaboration, project and decision is defined by our sense of dignity, respect and love towards others, society and the world.


Trust is the most important element for a successful business relationship. We trust and trust our associates and customers by investing in two-way honest relationships, demonstrating our credibility and consistency at every step. We always work with passion, integrity and dignity for the best result by cultivating a pleasant, healthy and creative climate of cooperation.


Honesty is of paramount importance to us. It means managing our resources and treating our partners and clients with transparency and integrity. Our vision for a better world can become a reality through fair and just management of both our financial and human resources.


Our passion is EPIKYKLOS’ heart and driving force. We love our job and we strive to constantly evolve with our every step. Our aim is to create interiors of high quality and beauty that can last through time and remain an integral part of your daily life.


The dynamics of human relations are the unique epicentre of our activities. Every partnership ensures optimal results for our people, our partners and society. Our initial communication with the client develops into a strong personal bond, with the utmost respect to their needs and wishes. At the same time, we invest in and foster relationships and collaborations with our partners, as we believe that the power of a team can exceed individual excellence.

Social responsibility

We approach our company’s financial, social and environmental impact with a great sense of responsibility and balance. We carefully listen to society’s needs and actively support humanitarian and cultural initiatives. EPIKYKLOS puts social responsibility and work ethics at the very center of operations, contributing to a better future for people.

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