Οur Values

EPIKYKLOS stands out as a leader in the construction industry and is distinguished by its high sense of ethics.

In the EPIKYKLOS we operate fairly, sincerely and reliably with our customers and partners. Each of our co-operation, every project, every decision-making is governed by dignity, respect and love for our fellowman, society and the world.


Trust is the most important element for a successful business relationship. We trust and trust our associates and customers by investing in two-way honest relationships, demonstrating our credibility and consistency at every step. We always work with passion, integrity and dignity for the best result by cultivating a pleasant, healthy and creative climate of cooperation.


Honesty is a vital value for the company EPIKYKLOS. Honesty means transparency and integrity both in managing the company’s resources and in relationships with our partners and customers. A fair and proper assessment of the dispersal and management of both our financial resources and our people contribute to our vision of a more beautiful world.


Our passion is the heart and the driving force of the company EPIKYKLOS. We love our work a lot and that’s why we want to constantly evolve, innovate and improve in our every step. Our goal is to create beautiful, high-quality spaces, lasting in time to continue to be a powerful core of your everyday life

Respect for people

In EPIKYKLOS, the dynamics of human relations is at the centre. Each of our professional relationships guarantees the best result for both the company and its partners as well as for society. Contact and communication with the client evolves into a strong personal relationship with respect to the wishes and needs of the client. At the same time, we seek and invest in partnerships and synergies because we firmly believe in the power of the whole versus the distinction of the individual.

Social responsibility

We approach with responsibility and balance the economic, social and environmental impact of the company “EPIKYKLOS”. We support the needs of society and support humanitarian and cultural actions. Responsibly, socially conscientious and business ethics at the heart of our operation, we contribute to a better tomorrow for man.

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