Cultural Actions

We participate in Room 18 at the Benaki Museum, the GR80s at Technopolis in Gazi, at Cook 8 at the Benaki Museum and at the Benaki Museum. at ADFF Athens at the Benaki Museum we create the conditions for a more beautiful world

EPIKYKLOS is a rising and very dynamic technical company that grows rapidly thanks to the leadership of the founder Arabatzis Joseph and his excellent team. It was a pleasure to have them close to us as strategic partners who implemented the plans of A & M Architects in the first presentation of ADFF Athens. Without EPIKYKLOS, it would not be possible to have the perfect result and we thank them for that.

Bardzokas Vasilis

The demanding constructions of room18 and cook8 have been completed with excellent manufacturing excellence and time consistency. A healthy partnership, with ingredients good mood and love for creation, eventually turned into a real friendship.

Nikos Soulis

Nine September 2018 one day, especially important for Sunbeam – Nea Smyrni.
Sunbeam relocates her Hostel in a new beautiful place !!!
It’s a promising day for us, because the great friend and CEO of the company, Mr. Joseph Aramatzis, contributed most to the shaping of this beautiful guesthouse, completely free !!!
And so today, a functional modern hostel is full of needy, sick children with their parents from provinces, thanks to our eminent friend Joseph Arabatzis !!!

Theodora (Dora) Kassimeri