Cultural Initiatives

At EPIKYKLOS we actively participate in our city’s social and cultural activities by offering our technical specialization to local cultural and social projects. Our participation in the exhibitions Room18 and Cook8 at the Benaki Museum, the Architecture & Design Film Festival Athens at the Benaki Museum and the exhibition GR80s at Technopolis Gazi, was part of our mission to help build a better world

EPIKYKLOS is an up-and-coming and very dynamic engineering company that is evolving rapidly thanks to Iosif Arabatzis’ leadership and his exceptional team. It was our pleasure to have them by our side as the strategic partner who realized the designs for A&M Architects’ office in the first ADFF Athens. Without EPIKYKLOS, it would have not been possible to achieve such great results. We thank them for that.

Vasilis Bartzokas

The demanding constructions of Room18 and Cook8 were completed with exceptional thoroughness and punctuality. A healthy collaboration that, thanks to its positive spirit and love for creation, eventually became a true friendship

Nikos Soulis

September 9th, 2018. A particularly important day for ‘Iliachtida-Nea Smyrni’. ‘Iliachtida’ has relocated its guesthouse into a new, beautiful space!!!
A hopeful day for us, because our exceptional friend and CEO of EPIKYKLOS, Mr. Iosif Arabatzis, contributed greatly in the creation of this great new guesthouse, free of charge!!!
And that’s how today, a functional modern guesthouse can host many sick children in need and their parents from rural areas — all thanks to our special friend Iosif Arabatzis!!!

Theodora (Dora) Kasimeri