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In EPIKYKLOS company:

we approach CONSTRUCTION and RENOVATION with experience, quality and high-level architecture. These values are an integral part of a fully assured process, in a clear economic landscape, so that your home is not only a prize of life but also the best investment.

we highlight TOURISM PROPERTIES, where branding, design and construction are parts of an equation, effectively, fast and economically solved, giving a valuable lead to the entrepreneur.

we create exceptional PROFESSIONAL PLACES with special design, at desired time and cost, ensuring the success of your business.

we support successful COOPERATION with architects and engineers of all specialties. Our respect for the study and the desire for quality construction create professional relationships with a common vision, making the team of EPIKYKLOS a valuable partner

we attract INVESTORS as our leading position in the real estate market, our reliable partners and our creative and innovative thinking are a guarantee of success for the investor who foresees the opportunities in the Greek market.

we maintain COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY through representations of products and materials of excellent quality, improving the cost and speed of our project’s implementation.

we invest in RESEARCH for new methods of building construction, creating new innovative materials while using innovative methods – such as 3D printing – that define our projects.

we participate in CULTURAL EVENTS of our city having with a dynamic presence, emphasis on development and maintaining a high sense of social responsibility.


 Create a more beautiful world!



Create spaces that exceed your dreams


In EPIKYKLOS company we aim to create a new unique experience of space through the construction and renovation of buildings, easily, economically and qualitatively. We create spaces that not only respond to the human desires and needs but surpass his own dreams.

The endless pursuit of evolution, the search for innovative and creative solutions, and the synergies that we are constantly doing in combination with the unique methodology of EPIKYKLOS ensure the success of our mission.


We create unique human oriented spaces

Our goal is to create homes and buildings that will make your life better, because the environments that surround us determine our everyday life and embellish our lives.
We honor your choice of EPIKYKLOS company. Trust, honesty, passion, respect for human and social responsibility are core values that define the operation of the company and are reflected in every action.

To achieve our vision, we invest in true human relationships based on respect and high moral values. We firmly believe that what is being rewarded successfully today, tomorrow can be better and we work passionately towards this purpose.

We look for innovation and development in every step, we operate with transparency and at the same time we approach each of our projects in a holistic, long-lasting manner.


Holistic service approach

Our company applies the unique EPIKYKLOS methodology for the best and correct result. Construction and renovation are now becoming a pleasant and easy process. We guarantee you the on-time delivery of the project with the best price, satisfying your own wishes within the financial framework of your choice.
You are only 10 steps away from the space of your dreams.




An organized monitoring

process of the project
wherever you are

The technical company EPIKYKLOS innovates and stands out once again with its unique Online Project Monitoring System.

With an emphasis on transparency and with the aim of creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the construction and refurbishment of spaces, we have created a unique tool at the service of our customers.


Our Offices

Our offices reflect who we are and the way we approach every aspect of our daily tasks.


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