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EPIKYKLOS Company is a leader in the field of renovation and is established through its long experience , while it stands out thanks to the exceptional projects it has to show. We are proud for the hundreds of renovations we have completed in matter of graded budget projects (independent of renovation cost) and of high demand residencies, luxury materials and unique aesthetics.

As years go by the buildings that surround us need to be taken care of in order to continue to serve the needs of contemporary people and the demands of the new era.

Exclusive Renovation

Luxurious renovations with incomparable creations for your own unique residence. We offer special and unique services of high quality and aesthetics. At the same time we correlate architecture with social anthropology and psychanalysis to achieve exceptional results that reflect your true needs and desires.

Renovation packages

EPIKYKLOS is a pioneer in elaborating and offering complete renovation packages for residencies ad hotels. You choose among a large range of packages that reflect your needs. Every package offers the best materials assuring high aesthetic results that last in time. The EPIKYKLOS smart residency renovation packages are complete and flexible at the same time. they allow to add or take materials and work directly and quickly in value price, transforming the owner’s needs and preferences to a creative game.
EPIKYKLOS company with years of experience in the field becomes your most valuable partner and offers the solution that best suits you.


project warranty

EPIKYKLOS Company following the current legislation and respecting the rules of construction, builds residencies that last in time. The whole project is covered through a written guarantee regarding the quality and results of the work, depending on the work of your choice and is valid from delivery to the final pay off of the project.



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SOHO: Soul Of Human Objects

We shape
your every imagination!

We shape your every imagination!EPIKYKLOS recognising the need for construction of objects of particular design and aesthetics created the SOHO special constructions lab.
The SOHO furniture provide solutions to your need and upgrade your space. Through modern design and construction processes and using inspiration, the exceptional quality and our incomparable prices, we offer unique creations.


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