We modernize and bring added value to your property. Residence and workplace renovations that respect your needs and your property’s value.

A leader in renovations, EPIKYKLOS is respected for its extensive experience and stands out thanks to the exceptional projects it has undertaken. We are proud of the hundreds of renovations we have completed, both in budget-scaling projects (regardless of the renovation cost) and for exceptionally high-quality properties that boast exclusive materials and refined aesthetics.

EPIKYKLOS aspires to be the top choice in the construction and renovation sector. Our aim is to offer our clients comprehensive and personalized solutions for the renovation of their residence or hotel, with respect to their preferences and budget. We have extensive experience in renovation and a vast number of completed works. Our commitment towards our clients extends further, as we focus on offering exceptional services and the best possible value for money.

With the passing of time, we need to take care of the buildings that surround us and renovate them, in order for them to satisfy the needs of a contemporary lifestyle and the demands of our times.

At EPIKYKLOS we renovate your current residence or your business premises (hotel or other) and provide personalized solutions that ensure your property’s long-term value. Our goal is that your property will cover all your needs, become everything that you have imagined, and offer all that you deserve enjoying in your everyday life.

Exclusive Renovation

High-end renovations with one-of-a-kind creations for your own unique property. We provide exclusive and dedicated services with sophistication and high aesthetic standards. At the same time, we combine architecture with social anthropology and psychoanalysis for superior results that reflect your truest needs and wishes.



project guarantee

With respect to the current legislation and following construction best practices, EPIKYKLOS builds properties that last in time. The entire project is covered by a written guarantee that certifies the quality and the results of our work — depending on the services you have selected — and it is valid as soon as the project is complete and paid in full.



Simplifying a complex process for optimum results


SOHO: Soul Of Human Objects

A workshop for custom design solutions!

Highlighting the importance of objects of sophisticated design and aesthetic, EPIKYKLOS has established SOHO construction lab. SOHO furniture provides smart solutions to your needs and enhances your interiors. Using cutting-edge design and construction processes, and with inspiration as our guide, we craft furniture that is unique and made to measure.


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