EPIKYKLOS innovates constantly by changing the construction and real estate market

At EPIKYKLOS, we have been active in the construction sector for 13 years — having innovation as our first priority, through projects and the services we offer, and aiming for a world that is better and more beautiful.

We have become known as an innovative company, after introducing new models in the construction and real estate sector.

Pre-budgeted home renovation packages

EPIKYKLOS becomes the first company to introduce pre-budgeted home renovation packages to the market. The 3 packages by EPIKYKLOS (Simply, Smart, Deluxe) take over the Athens market and EPIKYKLOS completes more than 600 renovations in 8 years.

Smart renovation packages are designed to offer everything that is necessary for a modern home and at the same time to be flexible as to the owner’s needs. They include certified materials, with wholesale prices and benefits, while giving the owner the assurance of a pre-determined construction cost.

Pre-budgeted tourist accommodation renovation packages

The company innovates again by introducing the pre-budgeted tourist accommodation renovation packages to the Greek market (Urban, Country, Island).

A holistic proposition with design options, planned at the application level, that at the same time supports and serves business owners in realising their vision at every stage of the process.

Online project
monitoring system

EPIKYKLOS presents for the first time in the market the digital app for project management and changes the construction and renovation process. A complete online project calendar that provides a lot of information to the architect, engineer, and foreman — as well as the owner — offering good organisation, transparency and interaction to everyone at every step.

The online project management system was introduced with the aim to allow investors from abroad (who could not visit their project due to long distance) to keep up with progress at our construction sites. It became particularly popular during the pandemic, when mobility and meetings were limited, providing a long-distance project monitoring solution without anyone having to leave the safety of their own home.


Spaces that adapt to the user’s every need

Property ownership is redefined by EPIKYKLOS with the creation of versatile spaces that adapt to their user’s needs.

Through informed studies of the EPIKYKLOS scientific team — which is composed of engineers, notaries and lawyers — a new legal framework is created that redefines the term ‘property’, transforming the owner into an investor-user.

A sophisticated notarial deed, it allows the management of space and its use, offering added value and versatility in the building — valuable assets in a constantly changing world.

10-10-10 Programme, with the EPIKYKLOS Premium card

EPIKYKLOS introduces to the construction market the innovative 10-10-10 residence programme with the Premium Member Card, which offers unique privileges and amenities to the owner.

This is a service that comes with every new residence and offers a 10-year warranty for every construction, together with a 1-year insurance of the property against theft, fire and extreme weather. The EPIKYKLOS golden member’s card offers special privileges to its customers for 10 years, with discounts at affiliated companies, real estate consulting and participation in local events, keeping citizens active members of the community.

‘10-10-10’ incorporates also all required documents for the electronic ID of each property, which are easily accessible via a simple scan of the card’s QR code — while at the same time facilitates the process of acquiring the property, turning it into a realistic scenario by giving access to the most modern financing models.

With the EPIKYKLOS Premium card, the quality of construction, safety and wellbeing become a reality and create the optimal conditions for living in the space one deserves.

Free green electricity for 20 years

EPIKYKLOS realises a new condition in energy independence for residences, with great benefits for people and the planet.

Every new property constructed or renovated by EPIKYKLOS becomes energy-sufficient, by “producing” the energy it consumes from renewable sources, while at the same time providing all electricity bills of the property for 20 years for free!

Through this action, the owner of each property can feel the satisfaction of contributing to the protection of the environment with a low energy cost when using their property, while at the same time knowing that they will start paying for the kWH they consume only after 20 years, thus enjoying their new home with peace of mind.

EPIKYKLOS redefines construction from the ground up, using C50/60 quality concrete in its new project

Vital Blue in Glyfada. This is the first residential building that incorporates the new generation of pioneering construction systems, of exceptionally high standards and with a certification by TÜV HELLAS for its construction in its entirety. The “cores” of the building’s structural frame consist of vertical columns with reinforced C50/60 quality concrete of a special composition, as to ensure the frame’s high endurance in compression, with simultaneous protection from water and humidity; as such, Vital Blue becomes the first residential building with a frame warranty of more than 110 years.

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