The professional environment is a special field on its own in terms of design and architectural creation. EPIKYKLOS builds spaces that enhance creativity and support human activity. Your professional space should reflect the values and mission that compose your business’ profile. It also has to be functional and productive without compromising aesthetics.

EPIKYKLOS will complete the design of your new workspace in a timely and cost-effective way, allowing your company’s identity to be present down to the smallest detail. An experienced team of engineers and specialized advisors holistically attends to your every need. Light conditions, environmental principles and technology are our allies while we design, with a goal to create spaces that are human, productive and modern. The complete and thorough design, combined with our respect to a pre-arranged cost, ensure the best results for a workspace upgrade that is ready to support all your professional activities.


What we provide

Architectural Design

Experienced architects plan your dream space.


The combination of the best techniques with the quality materials and the organized implementation procedures guarantee the best construction for you.

Property Management and Utilization

Providing complete solutions covers the best management of your property.


A holistic approach to services

We implement the specialized EPIKYKLOS methodology for optimum results, turning construction and renovation into an easy and pleasant process. We guarantee each project’s delivery time, plus competitive prices, following your wishes and within your chosen budget.

See how you can start living in your dream space in 10 simple steps.



The progress of your dream project at your fingertips


Our Partners

We collaborate with the most trustworthy companies for the implementation of every project, providing services and materials of superior quality that last. We enhance every project with the biggest and most reliable brands in the construction sector in order to satisfy your requirements.