EPIKYKLOS redefines ground-up construction

The first residential building that incorporates the new generation of innovative extremely high-standard construction systems is here! It is none other than Vital Blue in Glyfada Golf Club, the new innovative building of EPIKYKLOS. It is the first residential building in Greece certified by TÜV HELLAS, where C50/60 grade, special-composition concrete has been used to create the highest compression strength, giving the building a lifetime guarantee of over 110 years.

Vital Blue is the ultimate residential building with 8 luxurious multi-level residences and represents the ideal combination of high-quality architectural design with an excellent construction approach. A work of prestige that prioritises the quality of everyday life. 


The approach to constructing the Vital Blue sets new standards for residential buildings and is based on 3 main axes.

STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Added value for the building and the residences

The special structural design was mainly based to provide maximum resilience to the building in case of an earthquake while preserving the unique architectural design defined by the lightness, the wide openings and the big balconies with the swimming pools.

C50/60 grade CONCRETE for the first time in a residential building

The core of the building’s structure consists of vertical columns of reinforced concrete and ensure the maximum strength of the building. The concrete used is C50/60 grade and has a special composition, in order to ensure the highest compression strength of the structure, while offering the maximum water resistance of the bearing structure; thus, Vital Blue is the first residential building providing a lifetime guarantee with a frame warranty of over 110 years.

ΤHigh-quality construction certified by TÜV HELLAS


The Vital Blue building has a construction certification from TÜV HELLAS, the international organisation that ensures the implementation of safe and sustainable buildings.

Physical security measures and electronic security systems are installed in the Vital Blue to ensure peacefulness, serenity and relaxation.


Vital Blue is the only building in Greece providing this combination of technical specifications and amenities and is a project that reflects the next generation of buildings.

Learn more about the Vital Blue building and its residences.

Real estate development: EPIKYKLOS properties
Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company
Architectural design: SGOUTAS Architects
Structural design: CUBUS HELLAS LTD
MEP engineering: CONAP LP
Interior design & photorealistic renderings: GHOST Designers
Exterior photorealistic renderings: George Katsougkris

Vital Blue Address: 13, Vasili Tsitsani St. & Orlof Str., Glyfada, Athens