Sustainable Buildings

Our own commission to our planet.

At EPIKYKLOS, we take care that every building we construct has high energy efficiency, and that its use involves zero emissions, aiming for a better and sustainable environment.

For this purpose, we have taken a series of actions related to the way we construct buildings and the amenities we offer to owners.

We construct buildings and residences that are exclusively of energy class A and A+

In our new residential buildings, following the current legal framework and aiming to minimise consumption both of the building as a whole and for each apartment separately, we implement a series of options, such as:

● The installation of photovoltaic panels, which fully cover the electricity needs of common areas.
● The installation of electric vehicle chargers in each parking space of the building.
● The installation of natural gas floor heating, as well as an air conditioning system with heat pump.
● Smart Home Solutions that offer control of consumption through automations, and offer the possibility for immediate activation and deactivation of appliances and integrated systems.
● LED lighting for all residences and common areas.
● Structural materials that ensure longevity, resilience and minimisation of heat loss, such as low-emission concrete, waterproof reinforced concrete for the building’s structure, and a thermal facade system for the entire building shell.

We renovate residences, offering the maximum possible energy saving and durability.

● Our renovations are of high standards and are based on such quality specifications that can ensure at least 30 years of life, thus reducing necessary renovations to three, instead of the seven required by constructions of lower quality.
● The materials we use come from European factories that observe operation policies promoting energy sustainability.
● We use innovative products, materials and services, which always have a human-centric orientation and improve the residences’ green footprint.

We provide free, certified green electricity, prepaid for 20 years

Through strategic partnerships with leading energy production and supply companies, we have realised a new standard in the energy sufficiency of residences, with great benefits for people and the planet.

Thus, we changed the way in which homes will be supplied with energy and delivered to their owners in the next years. Our goal is every new property we construct or renovate, to be energy-sufficient, an “agent” of the energy it consumes from Renewable Sources, all the while providing all charges for electricity supply for free, for a whole 20 years!

Through this action, the owner of each property can feel the satisfaction of contributing to the protection of the environment, through a reduced energy cost for the use of their property, while at the same time can be certain that they will start receiving bills for the kWh they consume only after 20 years, enjoying their new home carefree.

By integrating EPIKYKLOS buildings into our philosophy for green energy, we combine high construction standards, remarkable cost efficiency and innovative amenities & privileges, so that we can change the world for a better future, for people and the environment.