URBAND Residential Building.
Shaping the future!

URBAND is a model building for EPIKYKLOS that reflects our philosophy for the new urban reality.

It is an innovative apartment building to which new standards for construction and design have been applied. Special amenities and privileges accompany the building, in a move by EPIKYKLOS that is unprecedented in the construction and real estate sectors.

URBAND is a modern, luxurious residential building in Kypseli, on the corner of Pindou and Kythnou Streets.

This exceptional building of urban residences is of unique functionality and aesthetic value, with the plot size and its corner position defining to a great degree the parameters that shaped the plastic dynamic of the building’s form. Corner bay windows and curves on the façade add a sculptural character to a volume that has a small footprint and great height. Metal vertical elements contribute to the building’s aesthetic definition, all the while being an important functional element by contributing to the management of natural light, the building’s protection based on its orientation, the relationship between the interior and the exterior and the enhancement of privacy given the density of the urban grid in the area.

With our eyes turned to man, society and the environment, the URBAND apartment building offers unique privileges and services:



Keeping you at the heart of all our services, we take extra care to show you through our actions our consistency, our trustworthiness and the quality of our works. Every residence comes with a Premium Membership Card, which is your ticket for a 10-year journey of amenities, privileges and services by EPIKYKLOS.



Fully respecting the selfless offering of earth and nature, we construct and deliver buildings that are energy-sufficient, powered by certified green energy for 20 years, for free.



In collaboration with the most established brands in the market, we deliver your house fully equipped, aiming to improve your everyday living experience and your personal wellbeing.

In addition, every residence has the following features:

• Advanced notarial composition that redefines the concept of property

• Sophisticated waterproof structure and shell

• Energy class Α+ for residences and the building as a whole

• Storage in the basement

• Parking space

• Heating, operating on natural gas 

• Air conditioning (cooling and heating) 

• Boiler

• Thermal-break aluminum windows with low heat permeability index U and energy-efficient glass

• Electric vehicle charging outlet at parking area

• Certified eco-friendly materials from European factories operating on renewable energy sources

• Flooring of large granite tiles from certified European factories

• Special design and high-quality cabinetry in the kitchen and closets

• Fire-resistant fortified entrance made in Italy

• Bathroom tiles of superior design and aesthetic value, sanitary wares and taps from the largest European manufacturers

• Architectural and decorative LED lighting

• Complete alarm system within the residence and security cameras in the parking area


With the URBAND building, the EPIKYKLOS team of engineers finds the ideal relationship between man and space, through a high level of architectural design for the building and its living units.


Our aim is to make our world better, and for that reason we redefine the way with which we design and construct our new buildings.


Architectural design: Panou – Papatheodorou Andriani, EPIKYKLOS Construction
Structural design: Polychronopoulos Lykourgos, Π² architecture & engineering
Photorealistic renderings: Katsougkris Giorgos


Completion date: June 2022