URBAND residential building in Kypseli. The city is changing

In the light of an overall vision of our city, the URBAND residential building was completed by EPIKYKLOS, marking a new era for man, the building and the environment.


The URBAND residential building in Kypseli was designed and built with the vision of redefining construction and living within the city.

Architecture becomes the means of reconciliation between man and his home and city, giving extra value to his daily life, while the construction guarantees safety and durability over time, through the highest of standards.

An array of technologies and materials offer the maximum possible energy savings, while the free, certified green electricity provided by EPIKYKLOS for 20 years makes the building energy independent, contributing positively to the protection of the planet for the next generations.

Each residence comes with an EPIKYKLOS privilege card, offering a 10-year guarantee, security and advanced services. Property is redefined and the residence acquires surplus value through the flexible adaptation of spaces to various uses.

With an emphasis on well-being, the furniture, home equipment and lighting become an integral part of the residence, ensuring the optimal experience for the individual.

The URBAND residential building in Kypseli has been completed aiming to a better world, answering a series of questions for the next generation of construction and real estate.

URBAND. The city is changing.