URBAND. The model apartment building that swept the awards and earned the impressions in the business and architecture world.

This is the model apartment building that swept the awards even before it was completed and reflects the new philosophy for urban reality. All business and architecture media mention the building as a model apartment building that is changing the standards in the real estate market, and which sets an innovative framework for the buildings of the future, through new construction and design models, with unique amenities and privileges.

“The URBAND BUILDING. The city is changing.” by EPIKYKLOS constructions, has received 3 accolades at this year’s “Property Awards 2021” by BOUSSIAS Communications. Two Gold awards for “Residential High-rise Development (2 storeys +)” and “After Sales Services’ Plan”, as well as a Silver award in the “Sustainable Residential Development” category


URBAND is a modern, luxurious apartment building in Kypseli, on the corner of Pindou and Kythnou Streets. In one of the oldest and most historical neighbourhoods of Athens, this investment by EPIKYKLOS constructions proves the potential of these areas and the possibilities for complete regeneration for these neighbourhoods of the Greek capital.

This is the first apartment building that comes with new construction models with innovations, amenities and privileges that are applied to the construction sector for the first time.

At the URBAND apartment building a new framework for energy independence for residences is implemented for the first time, with great benefits for people and the environment. All residences consume green electricity, which is prepaid for the next 20 years by EPIKYKLOS. So the owner of each URBAND apartment can feel the satisfaction of not burdening the environment by using their residence, and at the same time they can know that they will start paying for the electricity they consume only after 2042.

The building’s elevated architecture is based on modern studies on the way people interact with space, offering a special experience to each user.

URBAND comes with new construction methods, with sophisticated, waterproof reinforced concrete, and external wall insulation for the entire building shell, thus ensuring durability and zero thermal loss. It features charging stations for electric vehicles, heat pumps combined with floor heating operating on natural gas, and a whole variety of options that classify the building and each residence separately in energy class A+. Also, various Smart Home Solutions allow for consumption control through automations and offer the possibility of immediate activation or deactivation of appliances and systems.

URBAND apartments are fully equipped and furnished in collaboration with the biggest brands in the market, with the aim to improve everyday living experience and personal wellness.

Gruppo Cucine, the largest retailer for kitchen furniture in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans, designs furniture with a unique look and high standards of innovation, offering absolute functionality to every user.

All spaces are of high standards with furniture by leading brand BoConcept and sleep systems by COCO-MAT.

Each residence comes with an EPIKYKLOS Premium Member Card, which offers 10 years of warranty for the construction, 10 years of property insurance against theft, fire and extreme weather, all the while facilitating the process of acquiring the property, rendering its acquisition a feasible scenario by giving access to the most current financing models.

With the card, the owner enjoys special offers and discounts to EPIKYKLOS products and services, as well as a whole host of partner home brands. In addition, they can win invitations to important events and happenings in our city, as well as the option to participate in competitions and gift raffles that relate to home decoration and living.

At the same time, by simply scanning the QR code of the card, owners can have easy and immediate access to all necessary documents of each property’s electronic ID.

This way, all the necessary conditions are created for living in a building without any worries regarding its use and maintenance.

Lastly, another innovation that is implemented in the URBAND apartment building for the first time, is the new ownership model, which makes all residences in the building absolutely flexible, giving them added value.

Through informed studies of the EPIKYKLOS scientific team, which is composed of engineers, notaries and lawyers, a new legal framework has been created that redefines ownership as a term, transforming the owner into an investor-user.

The URBAND apartment building is the first building of a new real estate philosophy, which provides the right conditions, both in its construction as well as in the process for the delivery and management, aiming for a better and more beautiful world!

Project credits:
Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company
Architectural design: Panou-Papatheodorou Andriani, EPIKYKLOS construction company
Structural design: Polychronopoulos Lykourgos, Π² architecture & engineering
3D photorealistic renderings: Katsougris Giorgos
Kitchen furniture: Gruppo Cucine
Furniture and accessories: BoConcept
Sleep systems: COCO-MAT
Electricity: HERON EN.A.