Vital Blue
ultra luxury
residential building

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    13, Vassili Tsitsani & Orlof,
    Glyfada, Athens
    127m² -260m²
    3-4 master bedrooms
    Private pool
    Fully equipped BBQ
    Closed Parking lot

    Vital Blue is a community of 8 ultra luxury multi-level apartments, with special features & premium quality amenities. A new concept of a fine way of living into the heart of the Athens Riviera.

    Vital Blue represents the ideal combination of a remarkable architectural design and an exceptional construction approach. The green – sustainable footprint of the building and its luxurious interior design, based on premium textures, materials and brands, upgrades the quality of everyday life to the highest level.

    Architectural and interior design

    The whole architectural concept is evolving around personalized spaces. Each residence is unique in terms of shape, size and design. An organically shaped facade unifies the structure and underlines the elegant silhouette of the building. Large openings in combination with the optimum orientation provide unobstructed light and ventilation while offering an effortless privacy.

    Vitals Blue interior design has integrated details of nature in the urban living. Water, fire, natural materials like wood, marble and stone, enhanced by the natural light and the various plants eliminate the boundaries between the interior and the exterior living space. Water and greenery features elevate the building design. The private pools of each residence and the green roof of the building are defining elements of the Vital Blue experience. Highly functional spaces, big balconies, private yards, unobstructed view, the use of renewable and recyclable materials and the emphasis in reducing energy consumption define a new era in the residential buildings.

    Construction and structural design

    The special structural design was mainly based to provide maximum resilience to the building in case of an earthquake while preserving the unique architectural design defined by the lightness, the wide openings and the big balconies with the swimming pools.

    Vital Blue building is certified under TÜV HELLAS, the international organization that ensures the construction of safer and more sustainable buildings.

    Physical security measures and electronic security systems are installed in the Vital Blue to ensure peacefulness, serenity and relaxation.

    Energy class A+

    Vital Blue is an energy-efficient building with advanced waterproof structural frame and hybrid photovoltaic – solar panels for electrical energy and hot water. In addition free certified green electricity is provided for 20 years. Building and houses are exclusively of energy class A+

    Vital Blue Residences are available including a whole host of unique amenities and privileges:


    • Advanced waterproof structure and shell
    • Structural design of unique specifications
    • TÜV HELLAS construction certification, adding even more value to the building
    • Smart Home Solution: KNX system that provides fully adjustable automation and smart features in all units, with sophisticated design controllers
    • Advanced building regulation that redefines property definition


    • Building: Energy class A+
      Residence: Energy class A+
    • Private Green Roof (maisonette: 5012)
    • Private electric vehicle charger per parking lot
    • Anodized, minimal frame thermal - break aluminum windows and doors with low heat permeability index U and energy-efficient glass
    • Hybrid panels for the simultaneous production of domestic hot water and electricity
    • Natural Gas underfloor heating system
    • High combustion efficiency energy fireplaces
    • Energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation system
    • Boiler


    • Certified eco-friendly materials from European factories operating on renewable energy sources
    • High quality kitchens of awarded italian designers
    • Bathroom tiles of superior design and aesthetic value, sanitary wares and taps, from the most well-known European manufacturers
    • Special design and high-quality cabinetry in the closets
    • Flooring from high quality large granite tiles from certified European factories
    • Full-height frameless internal doors
    • Fire-resistant, security, entrance door with access codes
    • Architectural and decorative LED lighting


    • Entrance guard post for controlled entrance
    • Entrance to the complex with an advanced recording system and use of unique security codes for automatic locking
    • Video surveillance system with security cameras in public areas and around the perimeter of the building - CCTV
    • Complete alarm system in the residence
    • Private and protected parking lots with multi-level security system
    • Basement storage with a high-level security system


    • One private swimming pool per residence
    • Fully equipped BBQ (maisonettes: 5000 & 5012)
    • Spa/Luxury hot tub (maisonettes: 5000 & 5012)
    • Design to flow smoothly into and out of living areas without beams
    • Spacious private yards and Balconies


    Interior layout and design can be adjusted to specific needs in case of purchasing the residence during the construction and before the completion of the structural frame.

    We redefine the way we design and construct our new buildings.


    With Vital Blue residences, the EPIKYKLOS team of engineers aims to create the ideal relationship between human and space through a high level of architectural design, combined with a unique construction approach and sumptuous, sophisticated interior spaces, offering a holistic premium experience to their future owners.


    Real estate development: EPIKYKLOS properties
    Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company
    Architectural design: SGOUTAS Architects
    Structural design: CUBUS HELLAS LTD
    MEP engineering: CONAP LP
    Interior design & photorealistic renderings: GHOST Designers
    Exterior photorealistic renderings: George Katsougkris


    Completion date: Autumn 2024
    * Images are photorealistic renderings and are visual approximations of spaces.

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