Two-storey residence in Filotheiη

Completion: December 15, 2021
Project Type: Total Reconstruction, 496 m2
Architects: Sgoutas Architects

The big challenge

The brave decision of the total reconstruction of an old house from 1953, as opposed to its demolition and the construction of a new residence, posed difficult issues both in terms of architectural composition and construction.


The total revamp of the shell and the facades, as well as the reinforcement of the foundations, the supports and the outer layers — combined with the creation of new uses in the outdoor area as well as the complete reorganisation of the interior — achieved a contemporary, simple and functional building for the family of six that now lives in it.


The work received the Gold award at Interiors Awards 2022 by BOUSSIAS in the Completed works / Residential interior / Urban house category.



Photos of the completed work: Babis Louizidis