FORTUNE offices, Athens

Completion: November 12, 2021
Project Type: Renovation, 75 sq.m.
Architects: Elena Krini

A 60s residential apartment in the center, converted into modern offices for FORTUNE company.

Through targeted interventions, the transformation of the domestic character of a typical Athenian 75 sq.m. apartment into a modern and pleasant business space, was achieved, covering all the work needs of the company.

One of the main features of the new space is the creation of glass dividers which achieve the joining or separation of the apartment’s original rooms, according to the requirements of the office each time. The addition of a second WC, the application of vinyl flooring throughout and the design and production of carpentry and office furniture based on the required job posts were additional focal points of the intervention in the space.

White dominates, emitting brightness, purity and an abstract mood, while all the materials used were chosen based on the aesthetics as well as the durability that are essential in a professional space. Finally, special emphasis was placed on the lighting with the correct selection of lighting fixtures, so that the necessary lighting conditions of the workplace are met.


Photography: Nikos Papageorgiou