Seven-storey residential building in Nea Smyrni

Completion: February 28, 2023
Project Type: Residential Building Construction,
Architects: Mpratopoulos Elias, b-design

The construction of the seven-storey residential building in the area of Nea Smyrni has been completed. The building, owned by NOVA FUND, in an architectural study by Elias Bratopoulos and b-design, consists of seven independent residences. On the ground floor there is a maisonette with a loft and exclusive use of the garden, from the 1st to the 5th floor there is an apartment on each floor and on the 6th an apartment to which the attic is attached inside the pitched roof. The basement accommodates auxiliary uses and underground parking spaces of the properties.

Property ownership and development: NOVA FUND
Architectural study: ELIAS BRATOPOULOS | b-design
Construction: EPIKYKLOS Construction Company
Project management & supervision: Panagiotis Outos
Photos: Nikos Papageorgiou