Fokionos Negri

Completion: January 20, 2023
Project Type: Renovation, 265τ.μ
Architects: Dr. Panagiotis Pangalos

Restoration of an apartment in one of the two historic “Round apartment buildings” of Fokionos Negri and Eptanissou Street.

With respect to the historic identity of the building, an attempt was made to revive the mid-century era. Herringbone oak flooring, Dionysian marbles, solid sliding curved walnut doors, stained glass, lustrous mosaic floors and other pre-existing luxurious materials were restored with great care. The bathrooms and kitchen were completely modernized with handmade tiles and luxurious sanitary ware, with metal structures, colored translucent glass, gold formica paneling and smoked eucalyptus wood, among others. Authentic mid-century sconces and design objects combined with wallpapers and burn techniques in the masonry completed the aesthetic upgrade of the space and our project.

Architecture study:
A&Ο Architects
Angeles Mira Architect
Orestis Karydas Interior Designer
Construction company: EPIKYKLOS
Woodworks: Spyros Drakos