Apartment Renovation in Glyfada

A multifunctional space to live and work in

Completion: October 12, 2020
Project Type: Renovation, 52m2
Architects: ΒΙΛΛΥ ΑΤΤΑΡΤ

The apartment in Glyfada is a modern multifunctional and modular space that adapts to the user’s needs, providing an ideal solution for both living and working in it.

Special emphasis was given to the detail of the design and materials used, giving the space the potential — through paneling and carpentry — to show or conceal its functions (kitchen, TV unit).

A continuous curved line at the entrance of the house creates flowing shapes and interesting proportions, through the curved sofas of the dining room and the living room.

A multi-purpose room, lined entirely with wood, includes hidden structures that open and close within the paneling, making it possible for the space to be transformed from a simple storage space into an office space or a sleeping area. Black, blue and green shades in the constructions, in combination with the wood paneling and the gray floor tiles, create an interesting color palette, which in combination with the curved forms, exude harmony and calmness.

Photography: Spyros Hound Photography