Renovation in Melissia

Apartment 125m²

Completion: July 15, 2019
Project Type: Apartment, 125m²
Architects: Bachas Anastasis

The residence is situated in an outstanding location in Melissia, a suburb of Athens, with exceptional views to the mountain.

The 20-years-old apartment had been built with the typical approach of 1990’s contractors, evident in the choice of materials and the overall aesthetic of its interiors.

It has been completely redesigned to improve the life of the family of three living in it. Special attention has been given to the living room; the decisive change was to enlarge the French doors in order to increase the advantage of the view. Hidden lighting creates a cozy atmosphere in the space, and the large wall mirror creates a feeling of a spacious living room.

The kitchen merged with the living room in order to strengthen the family’s bonds in their everyday life. The two bathrooms were designed with particular care to achieve the correct layout and using modern materials of high quality and visual appeal. The result is a very modern, bright and spacious apartment, ready to accommodate the family and create the best experiences for them.