Renovation in Kypseli

Apartment 160 m2

Completion: May 15, 2019
Project Type: Apartment, 160m²
Architects: Bachas Anastasis

The top-floor apartment in a 1930’s two-apartment building has changed visibly, without losing its character.

This project proved a challenge because of the age of the building: the rebars inside the roof were corroded due to the lack of insulation, new pipework had to be installed because of the need to relocate the bathroom, window frames were replaced without affecting the exterior appearance of the building and many of the apartment’s original architectural elements had to be preserved. The new kitchen merged with the dining and living areas to create one larger space, in order to better satisfy the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. The original floors have been preserved, and the new materials that have been used are now an indivisible part of the house.

A collage of architectural influences and techniques of the past and the present are in natural harmony with space and time, breathing new life to an almost abandoned building.