80m² Apartment

Project Type: Apartment, 80m²
Architects: Plaini & Karachalios

It is the reconstruction of the structure of a 1980s apartment to accommodate the everyday life of a four-member family.

At 80m2 of the shell were organized the public spaces for the family breakdown as well as three bedrooms.

The ground plan of the apartment was completely restructured. Public spaces are organized as continuous spatial transitions. Each sink is a threshold for its neighbours. The differentiation in material and coloration in each zone enhances the distinctiveness and self-existence of each.

Transitions to public spaces are made through the following areas: the pink entrance hall, the white living room, the wooden dining room and the blue kitchen. In the private area, the three rooms are hinged around the central corridor and enclosed the black box, a building incorporating the bathroom and wardrobes.

The heart of the apartment is the wooden dining room. The unified material that penetrates walls, floors and ceilings, as well as the lowering of height, transforms space into a threshold, in its most characteristic application. This intermediate region is a fragment of tension and pause. From this point of aggregation and coexistence, the state of successive transition becomes a daily experience for the family.