Renovation in Marousi

100m² Apartment

Completion: October 11, 2018
Project Type: Apartment, 100m²
Architects: Panou-Papatheodorou Andriani

In the center of Kolonaki, a 100 m² apartment has been renovated in order to accommodate the needs of a five person family. The materials used have been chosen to reflect the character of its era while the new Italian kitchen, joined with the living room into a single space, reflects a classical style through the use of modern materials. In particular, the use of Volakas marble on the kitchen counters and the golden accent of the faucet create a sense of luxury. Furthermore, Tinos marble on the WC and shower walls, combined with Iroko furniture, retain the elegant look of the residence while the white colored walls, lacquered doors together with the oak floor create an inviting and bright space.