Renovation in Kallithea

 100m²  Apartment

Completion: July 18, 2019
Project Type: Apartment, 100m²

Situated in commercial use building, the newly refurbished apartment of 100m² is part of a new business venture of Epikyklos Construction Company. It is one of a numerous properties that have been made available to foreign investors who are looking for assurance in the return of their investment. This is made possible through careful consideration in the redesign of the properties.

The apartment is situated in the center of the trading zone of the capital and serves both the needs of commercial and residential use. The architectural department of Epikyklos in collaboration with Inscape Architects has created a polymorphic space that responds to all given demands. Through the whiteness of the walls, the grey floor and the warmth of the timber constructions a minimal look is achieved. The plan layout is divided into two private zones and the open space – office, seating room and the kitchen. Through the sliding panels, the continuous open space unfolds and contracts according to operational needs while the bio-ethanol fireplace in between creates a place for gathering.

The same approach has been also applied to the separation of the master bedroom from the shower area allowing for a controlled visual connection between the vertical timber and mirror elements. In addition, the iteration of the mirror surface creates a play of natural light within the room.