Apartment Renovation

House in Glyfada – A “lively” floor plan

Completion: October 05, 2020
Project Type: Renovation, 50m2
Architects: Elena Krini, Epikyklos Team

The apartment in Glyfada is a “lively” modern house, redesigned to serve the needs of its new users by creating a flexible, open and bright plan.

A bright idea at the core of the house came to allow flexibility in the space according to the user’s needs. A circular structure that functions both as a bookcase and a TV furniture, rotates in a way that joins or separates the living room from the bedroom. This creates an autonomous space for reading or relaxation, resulting in a multifunctional home.

Materials of high quality and visual appeal give the apartment an image of discreet luxury. Curved shapes create fluidity on the borders of its different uses, while a continuous partition wall, lined with wooden slats, conceals the apartment’s basic functions. Hidden frameless doors for the bedroom and bathroom are discreetly integrated and, in combination with the palette of materials and hidden lighting, contribute to the creation of a warm and calm atmosphere. Large windows and external revolving blinds unite the interior with the exterior of the house and offer a holistic living experience to its inhabitants.

Photography: Spyros Hound Photography