CULTURES residential building

Completion: July 31, 2024
Project Type: Construction,
Architects: A2 Architects

The Cultures Residential Apartments is developed on a rocky, triangular land area. Cultures “borrows” from the main polygonal rocky outcrop, adapts to the triangular plot with an array of vistas, is in play with the colouration of the sky and the neighbouring sea and proposes a building of distinct architecture and aesthetics.

The modern apartments of Cultures are highlighted by their slimline features, modern construction materials and individually selected pieces of furniture, combining aesthetics with functionality.Contemporary works of art have been discreetly incorporated in both communal areas and private living spaces, giving the building its own unique identity.Lastly, through the choice of blue both on the exterior of the building and on smaller interior surfaces of the apartments, the building is in harmony with the sea and the Attica sky.


The project received the Gold award at the Interiors Awards 2024 of BOUSSIAS, in the category:

Pending Projects / Concept Storyline



Cultures’ Apartments & Residences are available for sale.

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