Renovation in Athens

 52m² Apatment

Completion: July 31, 2019
Project Type: Apartment, 52m²
Architects: Eirini Krasaki

In the heart of Athens, a typical 60’s apartment has been renovated according to contemporary needs while preserving the authenticity of the past.

A total 52m² on the 5th floor, it comprises of spacious living room and dining area, kitchen, a large bedroom with a separate wardrobe area and a comfortable WC area. The orientation of the apartment allows natural light to enter throughout the day. The location of the apartment has been the center of urban life in the 60’s and therefore the focus of the architectural study was to preserve characteristics of the identity of the past. Contemporary and the old traits have been unified through clean lines and warm materials, such as the wood application on the kitchen and the walk-in closet. In addition, the cool tones of the entrance have been matched with the marble and metal details of the WC area, allowing for a harmonious synthesis amongst the whole.