Apartment renovation


Completion: November 10, 2021
Project Type: Renovation, 130 m2
Architects: Elena Krini

The project involves the renovation of a 130m2 apartment in a 1980s apartment building in Halandri, Athens, with the aim to cover the needs and wishes of the family of three that lives in it. 

As far as the layout is concerned, three spacious bedrooms were redesigned, two bathrooms, the kitchen and a unified space for the living and dining area, with the fireplace as its centrepiece. A change in the layout was necessary in order to achieve maximum functionality in everyday activities, to increase storage areas and create spaces that are aesthetically elevated and offer a pleasant ambience.

Textures, luxurious materials, the earthy and soft palette with white as the main colour, and the elegant details are the main characteristics of this particular apartment — creating a balanced space that exudes clarity and classic finesse that is harmoniously combined with a modern sense of taste.

The new wooden floor came to replace old ceramic tiles, and was the renovation’s central decision, which reinforced the apartment’s timeless aesthetic. Wooden finishings have a strong presence, either in the form of natural oak for the floor, or in the lacquered panelled woodwork found in the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture around the fireplace, the closets and the internal doors.

The material palette is complemented by the use of offwhite quartz on the kitchen counter, white marble for the fireplace and white Corian for the counters in the bathrooms; meanwhile, the bathroom faucets, the doorknobs and other decorative elements have gold and black detailing.

The result is a residence that stands out, thanks to the absolute balance of classical and modern elements, and the way elegance is firmly present in every room.

Photography: Nikos Papageorgiou