Boutique hotel OSOM resort in Mykonos

EPIKYKLOS undertook the expansion and renovation of Osom Resort at Ornos, Mykonos.

Our company was in direct partnership with AMC Architecture & Design and architects Amanatidou Cristina and Pavlidou Dimitra, who curated the interior and exterior architectural design.

The interventions in three autonomous hotel villas defined their final look of each space. Sophisticated taste in combination with Cycladic architecture’s minimalist character relaxes the senses. Vertical space dividers, the oak and mirror wardrobes, and the suspended linear ceiling in natural wood are but a few of the eye-catching details. The built-in elements of the spaces finished with marble-powder mortar and the white wooden ceiling recall traditional Cycladic architecture. The bathroom was covered with tiles bearing a vintage wood pattern that is in tune with the rest of the space. Meanwhile, the basin counter becomes part of the main living area, with the unique wooden divider indicating the bathroom entrance.

The interventions on the exteriors of the complex completed the image of the hotel.

Studio: AMC Architecture + Design
Architects: Amanatidou Cristina and Pavlidou Dimitra
Construction: EPIKYKLOS construction company
Location: Ornos, Mykonos
Year: 2019