Export Leaders Awards 2021.

EPIKYKLOS has been awarded at the EXPORT LEADERS AWARDS 2021 as part of the “Export Leaders Forum – Extroverted Greece” event.

The award was received by Mr. Iosif Arabatzis, CEO of EPIKYKLOS, who, after thanking the organizers, referred to the current situation in our country. He spoke of the actions required by the state in order for Greece to be considered an ideal market for investment coming from abroad. He also referred to the immediate plans of EPIKYKLOS, as well as the new great change in the way of thinking about and constructing new buildings.

“I extend my warmest thanks to Mr. Ktenas, the publishing organization New Times Publishing and the entire team of the “Extroverted Greece” Forum and the Export Leaders Awards.

Awarding EPIKYKLOS for the extroversion of our work is an honor both for me and my colleagues.

It is now more important than ever, particularly in this period of human history when the planet seems to have stopped, that we all be more productive — that through our work, we make sure to bring people closer together and that everyone’s work remains useful.

At EPIKYKLOS, we moved immediately in that direction.

• First by creating the right digital tools,

• Secondly, by communicating to all global markets the benefits and potential of investing in Greece,

• And thirdly, by adapting buildings and spaces to the needs of the new era.

More than ever, Greece is now the ideal market for foreign investment.

We can all contribute to the implementation of these investments, but as a first step, the state must establish a new integrated regulatory framework. Important decisions have already been made in the right direction, but much more can and should be done. It should be imperative that the procedure for the purchase and utilization of real estate is simplified. For this to happen, it is necessary to complete the digital transformation as soon as possible, as a digital core would allow speed in the provision of services and the completion of processes.

At EPIKYKLOS, like many other companies in Greece, we innovate by focusing on the new world order. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the state to also move swiftly in this direction.

In mid-2019, six months before the pandemic, our team completed a study in which the building doesn’t adapt to the owner, but to the user and the investor. This is a great shift in thinking, which in the years to come will be the norm in the design and construction of new buildings. Human society, globally, will realize that overconsumption cannot go on forever. In the future, man will not buy but will rent utilities, and as a company, we have come to understand this early on.

We are ready for whatever tomorrow brings. We have already begun the implementation processes of a series of buildings, which are fully adapted to the new era that is approaching; buildings that are intending to change our city.

The entire team at EPIKYKLOS works with a deep conviction that ”we create the spaces that shape us”.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for the distinction. It truly honours us.”

Iosif Arampatzis
CEO Epikyklos


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