Cook 8 - The new dining place

EPIKYKLOS supports architecture and culture once more, realizing on a 1:1 scale the awarded entries of the COOK8 International Design Competition at Benaki Museum on Piraeus Street.

EPIKYKLOS, in partnership with Domés International Review of Architecture — which challenged architects with the question of the production and consumption of food as a means of socializing — combined cooking and architecture in a recipe of excellence. Nefos, Glorious Holistic, Sea Sex & Sun — the EPIKYKLOS team lived a challenging construction experience, creating three gathering spaces of unique philosophy and aesthetics.

COOK8 teaser from ΔΟΜΕΣ on Vimeo.

For the realization of the exhibition were needed:

  • 12 days of intensive construction work, as the bigger part of the construction had to take place at the museum
  • 130 workers that worked a total of 1.700 hours
  • 12 metric tons of metal
  • 7 metric tons of wood
  • 7 metric tons of of sand
  • 150m2 of oxidized steel sheets
  • 150 lights
  • 90m2 glass panes and mirrors
  • 90m2 of textiles and
  • 90m2 of microgranite