Residence renovation redefined by EPIKYKLOS.

As an award-winning construction company, having thoroughly studied the relationship between man and space and having renovated over 800 homes over our 15 years in the industry, we offer the ideal result for every space.


Possessing the mechanism, experience, speed and quality and building a trusted relationship with our clients, we can create more than modern spaces. We create life experiences… for today and forever.


We change the quality of life in your space, designing modern, high-standard private homes.


We place the value of good architecture at the centre, giving the possibility to choose a designer, architect and interior designer both from our award-winning team and from external architectural offices. Pioneering in the construction industry, we are the only construction company with official synergy with more than 25 renowned architectural firms in Greece and abroad.

Taking it a step further, we possess the ability to combine architecture with social anthropology and the science of psychoanalysis, offering sessions with a scientific specialist and partner, to create a unique residence that serves your personal deepest and unconscious desires.

We change and upgrade the value of property through an exceptionally high quality construction.


In our research department we deal with the strength and composition of innovative materials, thus supporting a modern, quality manufacturing method.

Award-winning foremen-engineers coordinate the work accurately, while skilled craftsmen offer their own services, providing high-quality construction, thereby adding value to your property.

We upgrade your residence and reinterpret the quality of life, through the optimal combination of modern solutions, advanced technologies and innovative quality-tested materials.

We change the experience of your space, through synergies with the most premium brands on the market.


Operating holistically in each of our projects, we aim to create homes that promote well-being. Through strong collaborations with the most distinguished companies, we provide you with access to furniture and equipment, with the most competitive prices on the market, offering a complete premium experience in your space.

We change daily life with innovative benefits and privileges that accompany you for up to 20 years.


We make sure to create the ideal environment that will provide security for you and your property, even after the completion of the project. A series of benefits and services offer you ease of use of your property and its future management.

Matters such as security, energy management and project warranty are a top priority and we make sure these are resolved from the start.

Each residence is accompanied by the Premium Member Card, which covers the entire project through a 10-year warranty and serving as your ticket for a 10-year-long journey of benefits, privileges and services from EPIKYKLOS.

Additional synergies with market leaders allow us to create homes that will consume green electricity and moreover, prepaid by us, for the next 20 years.

We change the renovation process, with EPIKYKLOS’ new pioneering methodology.


An organized process of study and production, through 10 stages & innovative services makes the renovation process pleasant, easy and creative. Our extensive experience allows us the ability to commit to the delivery time of the project, while ensuring the best prices on the market. Finally, the online project tracking system enables you to be present throughout the entire project development process, when required.

We redefine the concept of renovation by rewarding your trust in our company, offering you more through a relationship of abundance.


Deep knowledge of the market and broad experience make us a reliable partner in the efficient completion of complex projects. Trust, honesty and respect are non-negotiable values for us, while the excellence that characterizes us and our projects is our distinguishing feature. We take great pleasure in not only meeting your needs, but always offering you that extra something, supporting a relationship of exchange in abundance.

We change the future by creating solutions with a green footprint and returning surplus value to society and the environment.


Each of our projects is handled with respect for the environment, always looking for sustainable solutions both in terms of construction and materials, as well as in the future management of the property. Our ultimate goal is to create quality spaces, with longer duration and durability that will rarely need maintenance or further renovation, causing less environmental damage and ensuring the timeless value of your real estate.

Finally, having a great sense of responsibility as a business, every year we donate a significant part of our revenue to initiatives that support society, the environment and our culture.

We change together..
Our home, our quality of life, our future.

Live the renovation experience with EPIKYKLOS.
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