Parion Opus, a boutique hospitality of 6 suites in Paros

The deliverable was to transform an abandoned concrete structure that was initially developed to house a residential project into a boutique hospitality nested within an authentic Parian neighbourhood.

Materiality and textural variety unfold using a modernist approach to architecture and design, while a combination of carefully selected semi tropical plants and Mediterranean herbs allow the landscape design to add drama and a poetic interplay of light and shadows. 

The laid back yet stylistic atmosphere of the 6 suites is developed by tailor made design applied to wooden constructions and bespoke furniture. Advanced and innovative materials in surfaces and ceramic slabs follow the designers’ methodology that promotes homogeneity and flow with the use of an utmost curated material choice. 

The creative approach, interior, architectural and landscape design was developed by BllendDesignOffice.

The rooms in the wet areas are clad in large ceramic tiles in refined stone textures and patterns, while the remaining walls draw inspiration  of rough Parian plaster.  A great emphasis was placed in innovative materials and technology, such as Italian thermoformed wooden surfaces that result in sustainable products that promote resilience. All the rooms extend into private terraces with stone jacuzzis and teak daybeds, that create a floating effect above the water. The scene is developed theatrically at night thanks to linear led lighting that enables the furniture volumes to float above the floors and the warm light temperature at 3000Kelvin to create a contemporary and warm atmosphere.

The white Entrance to the building is completely abstract and linear, in contrast with the black pool volume in Basaltic stone featuring a pit fire on top of it; just to add the warmth of fire over the coolness of water. Wooden pergolas partly covering the private terraces using dark bamboo flutes protect from the sun and heat, while offering private areas for meditation and relaxing sessions. The pool deck pergola offers day beds and a lounge area to allow for relaxation and enjoying the hotel’s culinary marvels using organic products from carefully selected Greek producers. 

The same concept is being developed for the F&B area and the wellness and spa rooms.


Concept Design & Development: BllendDesignOffice

Construction: Epikyklos

Photography: Louisa Nikolaidou

Ceramic Tiles / Faucets: Star Bagno

Wooden Constructions: Drakos Woodworks

Linear Lighting Products: Apollon Design

Construction Supervisor: Ivi Vamvakidou & Anestis Savvidis

Wooden Surfaces: Cleaf Kanelli