Restaurant – cafe  85m²


Completion: June 14, 2019
Project Type: Cafe Restaurant, 85m²
Architects: Potiropoulos&Partners

A historic 1870’s building in the heart of Athens, on the corner of Kolokotroni and Nikiou, became the setting of a kind and generous gesture: Shedia Home, a multipurpose space with a distinct philosophy.

Shedia Home offers help with people’s daily struggles, without losing sight of the fundamental values of a real society. For this venture, a team comprising experienced professionals in the sectors of construction, architecture and management, worked on a volunteer basis for its completion. With respect to the project’s charitable character, EPIKYKLOS managed the construction and implementation of the project with favorable terms — in order for Shedia Home to become a center of solidarity and social innovation, which can provide a springboard for the center’s activities and support a better society.