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    5th floor
    1 Bedroom
    1 Bathroom
    1 basement parking area & private electric vehicle charging outlet
    6m2 Storage

    E2: A Practical and Functional Home on the Fifth Level

    On the fifth level, E2 is a 60m2 apartment with a highly practical layout. The open – plan kitchen, dining area, and living room give a large amount of space and natural light.

    A modern home is made up of high-quality materials in every room, as well as distinctive and exquisite finishes. The kitchen design and easy-to-use storage places improve the comfort of the household.

    The entire interior is decorated in warm, neutral hues, and art pieces add to the harmony and character, providing occupants with a sense of serenity and tranquility.

    Because of the storage and parking space, the tenants have easy access to everything they need for a comfortable everyday existence.


    Address: 1, Kalymnou, Athens 174 56

    Cultures E2 / Serenity II  | by Ioannis Karalias

    In the Cultures residential building, Ioannis Karalias curates the works of art that adorn each individual residence.

    In the Cultures E2 residence, nature and colors take the lead. Despite the small dynamic touches, the picture generously conveys peace and serenity to its surroundings. The exact same happens to the individual, who is required to deal with many different matters, to manage all kinds of situations and responsibilities. Managing these wisely and making the right decisions generate positive feelings for the resident which accompany him every step of the way both inside as well as outside his dwelling.

    The Benefits

    Cultures residences are a harmonious combination of elegance and premium quality amenities.

    Collaborating with the most premium brands, we have created fully-equipped spaces, providing a holistic experience.

    Warranty, privileges & access to ten-year funding programs via the EPIKYKLOS’ 10-10-10 program

    With you at the heart of our services we take extra care to demonstrate the consistency, reliability and quality of our projects. Every residence comes with a Premium Membership Card, which is your ticket for a 10-year journey of amenities, privileges and services by EPIKYKLOS.

    Fully equipped space

    In collaboration with the most established brands in the market of electrical appliances, we deliver your home fully equipped, aiming to improve your everyday living experience and your personal well-being.

    The E2 Apartment is available including a whole host of unique amenities and privileges:


    • Advanced waterproof structure and shel
    • Structural design of unique specifications
    • Advanced building regulation that redefines property definition


    • Building: Energy class Α++
      Residences: Energy class Α++
    • Private electric vehicle charger per parking lot
    • Hybrid panels for the simultaneous production of domestic hot water and electricity
    • Natural Gas underfloor heating system
    • Energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation system
    • Boiler


    • Certified eco-friendly materials from European manufacturers operating on renewable energy sources
    • High quality kitchens of awarded italian designers
    • Bathroom tiles of superior design and aesthetic value, sanitary wares and taps, from the most well-known European manufacturers
    • Special design and high-quality cabinetry in the closets
    • Flooring from high quality large granite tiles from certified European factories
    • Fire-resistant, security, entrance door with access codes
    • Architectural and decorative LED lighting


    • Entrance to the complex with an advanced recording system and use of unique automatic lock security codes
    • Video surveillance system with security cameras in public areas and around the perimeter of the building - CCTV
    • Complete alarm system in every residence


    Interior layout and design can be adjusted to specific needs in case of purchasing the residence during the construction and before the completion of the structural frame.

    ** All images are for illustration purposes only. Actual spaces may differ due to design variations among apartments.

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