Country Chic

Country Feel

Separate details and earthy colours invite you to a place that is full of warmth and comfort, creating the ultimate country feel.


Construction 7.300€


● Dismantling of bathroom, floor, carpentry, door, interior doors and other equipment.
● Removal of used materials, traps.
● Daily cleaning of working areas and communal areas.


● New sewer installation with Valsir siphons.
● Displacement of waterways according to the new architectural design.
● Placements of sanitary items and accessories.


● HAGER room cabinet.
● Vimar Switches.
● Seven (7) lighting benefits per room.
● Supply for illuminated magnetic mirror.
● Two (2) lighting dimmers.
● Telephony and network benefits.
● TV benefits.
● Thermostat.
● Ten (10) suction outlets per room.
● Tubing as an infrastructure for upgrading building automation.


● Floor surface of up to 17 m² made of 60 × 60 certified European factories.
● Choice of tiles through new collections of leading companies and affiliates.
● Use of acrylic adhesives and adhesion promoters.
● Ecological grouts.


● Design and complete bathroom rebuilding.
● Wall and floor covering with tiles up to 20m².
● Laminated paint bench.
● Washable washbasin from certified European factories.
● Low pressure bowl with back or bottom siphon.
● Bench battery of Italian origin.
● Shower tray of Italian origin.
● Fixed glass glass separator from glass securit 8mm ..
● Bath and shower siphon.
● Mechanical ventilation.
● Long bathroom mirror.


● Suspended KNAUF suspended ceiling system up to 17m².
● Suitable configurations for creating a curtain.
● Use of KNAUF plasterboard for the bathroom area with perimetric clearance for the installation of a hiding place.


● Total coating with ecological primer.
● Spraying of surfaces with 2-layer fine coat.
● Triple-coated with Vitex Vibro-Vibrating.

Entrance door

● Certified Fireproof 30 'Entry Door (1.00 × 2.20 × 0.13) INTRADOOR, Laminate pressed in 15 different colour shades with return mechanism, windscreen and perimeter tire.
● Sound insulation certification.
● Square solid wood frame (470kg / m³) with a cross section of 130 × 45mm.
● RFID technology eSIGNO electronic lock.

Indoor Doors

● INTRADOOR sliding door.
● White laminate frame with laminate coating / Polyurethane adhesives.
● Laminate lining of owner selection from 15 colors.
● Square frame made of plaster.
● Plywood sills made of plywood.
● Certified Convex 200,000 Uses.


● Built-in wardrobe with dimensions up to Π: 2.00 × Y: 2.60m.
● One (1) wardrobe slide with mirror.
● Two (2) metal drawers.
● BLUM drawer mechanisms.
● Coloured melamine boxes of 16mm thickness.

Equipment-Lighting 4,200€


● American, anatomic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, slow-burning Simmons.
● Finishing of a bed wall - headboard with a hatchet cover H: 88cm.
● Lacquered bed.
● Bedside table 0,50 × 0,50 with lacquer paint.


● Office and lacquer mini bar.
● Room mirror.


● LED strip up to 5m for hidden room lighting.
● LED strip watertight to illuminate the bathroom.
● Input point.
● Room spot 4TM with economy lamps.
● Security spot.
● Bathroom mirror lighting.


● Design chairs (2pcs), through a large selection of designs.
● Auxiliary table through a wide selection of materials and drawings.


● Stackable bedside lights with economy lamps.

Additional equipment

● Bathroom accessories.
● Illuminated magnifying mirror of bathroom.
● eSigno CISA safe, with SD card and built-in LED lighting.
● 40 liter mini bar, silent cooling system.

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