Boutique Hotel

The Arches

Project Type: Boutique Hotel, 280m²
Architects: Plaini & Karachalios

In Oia, Santorini based on the renovated Renovation packages, the luxurious Boutique Hotel was completed with interventions in both the shell and the interior of the building

Santorini has historically acted as a bridge of civilizations, bringing together heterogeneous elements, creating new forms.
The booming economy of shipping has been the reason for deepening the ties of the settlement’s inhabitants with Europe, with the result that Western civilization overwhelms the high social strata, bringing the aesthetics of European cities into the interior of the houses of Oia.

The building that housed the hotel was a typical commercial building of the 80’s with two arches and without architectural interest. The external interventions were aimed at restoring the size and scale of the settlement, transforming the two arches into four and creating a rhythm. The simplification of the oscillator and its unification with the white colour contributed to the better integration of the building into the neighbourhood.

The six rooms were treated as telling a story. The focus was the period of Frankish rule (1207-1579), one of the less known and prominent aspects of the history of the island. Traces and influences of this era are still evident in many parts of Santorini, especially in the fortified castles, the remains of which are still preserved. These castles have also been the naming rule of each room.

The interior of the rooms was furnished with antique western furniture and covered a time range from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. These furnishings are straightforward references to the captain-houses built at that time and carried the soul of the western world on the island.

The outdoor verandas and the terrace with the Jacuzzi, in clean and clear lines give a luxury character to the hotel.

The entrepreneurs collaborated with Epikyklos at all stages of the construction, starting with the construction, architectural design in collaboration with Plaini and Karahalios Architects Architecture, equipment, furnishings and branding.