Boutique Hotel

The Arches

Project Type: Boutique Hotel, 280m²
Architects: Plaini & Karahalios

Via the pre-budgeted hotel renovation packages offered by EPIKYKLOS, this luxury boutique hotel in Oia, Santorini, has been upgraded, with interventions both on the exterior shell and in the interiors.

Historically a bridge of civilizations, Santorini brings together heterogeneous elements, creating new forms.

The island’s thriving seafaring economy created a bond between its residents and Europe. Western culture was widely adopted by the upper classes, introducing trends from European cities to the interiors of Oia’s households.

The hotel is located in a typical 1980’s commercial construction, with two arches and of no particular architectural interest. The exterior interventions re-adapted the size and scale of the building by adding two more arches, adding rhythm to the building. The hotel blends seamlessly with the neighborhood thanks to the simplification of its volume expansion and the use of white color to unify the whole design.

The hotel’s six rooms have become part of a storytelling that is set in the years of the Francs (1207-1579), a lesser-known page of the island’s history. Traces and influences of the era are still visible around Santorini, particularly the island’s fortresses, whose remains can be visited today. These fortresses lend their names to each room.

Inside, the rooms are graced with western-style antiques dating back from the 19th to the mid-20th century — as a direct reference to the captain-houses that were built during that period and brought the spirit of the western world to the island.

The simple, clear lines of the outdoor verandas and the rooftop terrace with the jacuzzi add a touch of luxury to the hotel.

The hotel management collaborated with EPIKYKLOS in every stage of the implementation process, from construction to the architectural design — in collaboration with Plaini & Karahalios Architects — and from the equipment and furnishing of the rooms to the branding.