Luxurious renovation 70m²

EPIKYKLOS technical construction offers you a luxurious renovation that transforms all the spaces of your home. In all our work we use high quality materials from distinguished firms. Our long experience in the field allows us to offer a project guarantee with duration over time and adherence to the agreed cost of the project.



Architecture study

• Imprinting the existing space
• Recording the wishes and needs of the customer
• Design of an architectural proposal on the basis of which
the final financial offer is also drawn up
• Photorealistic kitchen and bathroom illustrations


• Issue the appropriate type of building permit
• Acquisition of a building registration number (MNE) in the relevant IKA


• General demolition of piping / wiring
• General demolition of old bathroom / tiles / sanitary / plumbing
• General demolition of old kitchen / cupboard / kitchen back tiles
• General demolition of old wardrobes / interior doors / main entrance door / external frames
• Demolition of old saws
• Removal of used materials / debris
• Daily cleaning of working space / communal apartment buildings


• New hydraulic installation with TALOS coated copper tubing
• New sewer system
• New general heavy duty switches / grills / siphons
• Placing hygiene / batteries / accessories


• New Hager electric panel
• New modern electrical installation throughout the home
• Extension of electrical installation for the most demanding use
• Full structured tv / sat / tel / lan / ac installation
• New LEGRAND Valena saws
• Installation of electrical appliances
• Place a bell contact at the front door of the apartment with a marker bell

Coatings - Moderate

• Fighting moisture and cracks with a cementitious insulator
• Internal coatings in all masonry with classic plaster mix
three-layer or MARMOLINE ready plasters and KNAUF plaster
• Mounting metal angles on the edges


• Floor coatings with granite tiles from certified factories
Italy or Spain
• Floor coatings with laminate 7 or 8mm TARKETT
• Selection of all the above materials by the owner
through new collections of top companies and affiliated stores


• Branded kitchen furniture up to 8 current meters
• Select design and materials by the owner with the help of experienced designers
• Wide variety of bakelite / acrylic doors
• Shock absorbers and adjustable HETTICH in the doors
• HETTICH Hinged Hinges in the Doors
• HETTICH shutter brakes on the doors
• Metal HETTICH drawers with shutter brakes
• Large variety of ecological benches 4-6cm
• Tiles for the back of the kitchen counter certified European factories
• FRANKE stainless steel sinks
• Battery GROHE sink
• Open sink cabinet bottom
• Trash


• Design and complete bathroom rebuilding
• Wall and floor coverings with certified European Factories
• Bathroom furniture with wash basin or built-in bench with flood sink
• Mirror with illuminating point
• Hanging basin ROCA or IDEAL STANDARD
• Built-in GROHE flushing cistern
• Built-in shower or CARRON cast iron porcelain or bathtub
• Shower cabin with safety glass
• 6-10-point jet hydromassage column
• European GROHE washbasin sinks and baths
• Complete set of bathroom accessories
• Pre-selection of all the above materials by the customer


• Modern wardrobe design according to the customer's needs
• 1 built-in wardrobe from floor to ceiling 6m²
• Sliding Wardrobe Sheets
• 4 metal drawers of new type
• BLUM drawer mechanisms
• Colour Melamine Boxes 16mm thick
• Exterior wardrobe drawers of melamine holder of choice
through a wide variety of colours and textures

Indoor Doors

• 2 pre-pressed doors of Greek manufacture
• White laminate frame with laminate lining Polyurethane adhesives
• Laminate liner selection owner in 6-10 colours
• Oval or square casing New projects Marine plywood
• Folding ledges
• Certified 200,000 use handles
• Inox design options

Armoured Entrance

• Certified entrance door DIERRE
• Electro-galvanized double-shield sheet with 4 vertical ribs
• 4-speed money box lock with 5 steel pistons
• New type of unique code lock
with a service key of 12-14 points
• Double sound-proof foamed door and door frame
• Select owner from 15 colours
• Wide-angle 180 degree oblique sight glass
• Double reinforced adjustable hinges of heavy type
with height adjustable door height
• Sandblasters made of wood
• Anti-lok bracket with height adjustment mechanism
• Partial opening of steel safety `` `latch` ``
• Wood trim panel with wooden lining
• 20 pantograph designs of owner selection
• Inox design options

External window frames - Aluminium windows

• Change all external frames
with certified EUROPA aluminium frames
• Electrostatic paint for real selection of the customer
• Double soundproof windows with a total thickness of 20mm
• Opening sheets
• Window opened with revocation and EUROPA
• Placing a mesh on all openings


• Calorimetric residence study
• Panel type heating panels with electrostatic paint
• Heavy duty switches
• Place the towel rack in the bathroom


• Total coating with ecological primer
• Triple coating with ecological paints CHROTEX / KRAFT / BIVECHROM
• Spraying of masonry with 2-layer fine coat
• Suggestions for colouring by decorators
• Free choice of colours by the owner

Addition of materials - work

Intelligent home renovation packages of the COMPOSITE TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY are complete and flexible as they allow the removal or addition of work and materials directly and quickly at preferential prices, transforming the needs and preferences of the owner into a creative process.

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