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The Epikyklos Company becomes a pioneer by proposing a holistic approach to hotel renovation while it supports and serves the entrepreneur in realising his vision through all stages of the process

At our online era, the image is the basic tool of promotion of a tourist product. The hotel renovation and the presentation of a modern image of spaces and places repays immediately. Every proposal has been studied on the level of application through particular design choices and pre-determined objects. Our proposals are indicative as the construction cost for every project also includes an original architect’s study.
The 6 original rooms that we offer consist of fixed cost pre-determined solutions that have been studied according to a typical setting of a double 20m2 room. Cost wise they are distinguished in Chic and Lux categories.
Each category offers the possibility of three different design directions: urban, country and island. Offered prices fully include architectural design study, construction and equipment.


Holistic Services

We aim at offering our clients unique services. The quest for continuous evolution, the progressive use of new technologies and the will for creativity at the service of people and his needs, keeps us at the forefront.
The online project monitoring system of EPIKYKLOS is a unique platform that gives the client the opportunity to follow the project throughout its evolution.


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The EPIKYKLOS Company through its years of experience on the field of renovation has created and offers thoroughly elaborated packages that meet your every need. Compare our packages and choose the one that better suits your needs and wishes in the best possible way.


3 REASONS that make our new renovation packages competitive and reliable


as ever
Smart renovation packages that ensure the pre-determined cost of construction

Elaborated to provide whatever a contemporary residency needs and at the same time flexible enough to meet your own needs

The give you the opportunity to choose all material and products before launching the project

As cost-effective

as no-one else
Incomparable offers of renovation packages with prices and benefits of the sales.

Special packages of material and product offers from the biggest companies in the Greek and international market

Your choice gives you the largest benefit in return

Quality work

for you
Quality work of engineers and construction workers

Certified materials and products that give your residency an added value

Transformation of your renovated residency to a long lasting promotion of the EPIKYKLOS Technical Construction Company services

Live the Epikyklos experience

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