The residence does not just mark the daily living space. It defines the quality of life and must be the beautiful canvas of our everyday life. It is a regulatory means for the balance of the soul.
The Epikyklos Company approaches these values ​​by offering truly modern homes designed to embrace the man, giving simplicity of comfort and high quality of life at the minimum cost.

Continuing in flexible relationships and giving value to the personal relationship with the interested person, Epikyklos is able to build your own home by transforming your desires into functional and balanced aesthetic spaces. The house is transformed into a living prize for you and your family.

Whether it is a home or an integrated rural outdoor complex for us in the recycling company, each project is always a unique creative experience.

The company Epikylos offers a complete study and construction package saving you time and money for you. The basic axes for the design of the dwellings are the high aesthetics, the knowledge of the modern architectural tendencies and the functionality required by the contemporary way of life. The anthropocentric approach and competence in know-how lead to constructions that respect the user’s needs, giving simplicity, comfort and high quality of life at the lowest possible cost.

Respecting the residential or natural environment where they are located and in accordance with building regulations, the planned residences aim to be your home where you will always want to return.


Detached house in Psatha

Detached house in Psatha

Detached house in Psatha


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