Professional spaces

The company Epikyklos having as a principle that the professional space constitutes a separate and special field of study and architectural composition, manages and creates spaces that promote creativity and human activity.

Critically, the business space is functional and productive, its design must promote the values ​​and goals that make up your business profile.

The company «Epikyklos», staffed by an excellent department of engineers and consultants, is able to design your professional roof by translating into space the smallest detail that compiles your corporate identity. We design allied light, ecological awareness and technology to create human, productive and modern spaces. The complete and in-depth study combined with the pre-agreed cost ensures the best possible result for a refurbished space ready to serve as a springboard for your professional success.


Room18 - Benaki Museum - Structures

Baba Ghanoush, Παγκράτι

Cave P, Metropolis

Offices Epikyklos, Kolonaki

Clinic, Kolonaki

Center for European Architecture


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