- 3 Reasons -

Making New Hotel Renovation Packages Competitive and Reliable.

- Easy -

Designed and priced rooms for direct indication of renovation costs.
Designed suggestions with alternative design directions and full flexibility in choices.
A network of partners that flank the company Epikyklos covers all the necessary services. (Subsidy programs, architectural design and licensing, equipment suppliers, energy upgrading, corporate identity, certification).
Automated process from first contact to project completion. Online system for recording the progress of all stages of the project to which the hotelier has access at any time through an application.

- Financially -

Unbeatable manufacturing prices due to the company’s steady flow of work.
Special prices on a wide variety of materials, furniture design, lighting and other hotel equipment from partner suppliers.
Knowledge of the process and conditions for joining subsidy financing programs.
Πλήρης έλεγχος του κόστους του έργου χωρίς εκπλήξεις και κρυφές χρεώσεις προσφέρει την μέγιστη οικονομική ασφάλεια.

- Quality -

Complete study by experienced engineers of various specialties.
Implementation of a study by specialized workers’ crews.
Certified materials and products suitable for heavy hotel use, coming from stable partnerships with the largest European factories.
Guaranteed efficiency without failures. Extended warranty with 24-hour service.


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